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Miki Posts: 309
can i just ask, we have have been trying for a while now and nothing is happening. it is still too early to go for tests as we are still just under the year mark. Can i ask, i am thinking of getting accupuncture. its there a certain time of the month thats best when ttc?
Bugs Posts: 511
hi Miki, It can vary from person to person - definitely go for an initial consultation and your acupuncturist will be able to advise when you should have treatments and how many you might need initially. The main basis is not that acupuncture "cures" infertility, rather that it helps to balance your hormones and your emotions and generally helps to build a stronger body and constitution - i.e. the ideal situation for conception and good health. If you're Dublin-based, I'd highly recommend Celine Leonard in Mount St (she actually is a consultant in the fertility unit of the national maternity hospital also) or Rachel in Sanctum in Temple Bar. Good luck! Bugs
Miki Posts: 309
Thanks for that reply Bugs, i'm going to make a few calls and try get an appointment.
feelsobad Posts: 693
Miki I am going for accupunture tomorrow - we have only started trying but I want to do it to help my cycles and relaxation will let you know how it goes....... ;)
Miki Posts: 309
Thanks Chloe, that would be great.
clucky Posts: 26471
chloe would also be interested to hear how you get on we are thinking of trying acupuncture to help
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
hi girls, i've had acupuncture for migraines before and it definitely works! it's a little uncomfortable but u get used to it - definitely worth a go. was going to try reflexology this time, seems a bit more of a treat!!!
feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi girls - Well had acupuncture yesterday. Really recommend it - The lady I went to has tons of experience with fertility etc. The reason I went was to 1) relax more about the whole thing 2) Balance my system - period really really late this month..... No Af but BFN's. Remote chance I could be pregnant but more likely that my hormones are out of whack. She took a really really details history and talked all about my cycle and how i feel and my health in general and then did a short acupuncture session - she also gave me chinese herbs to bring on my AF. She reckons there is nothing more wrong with me but hormones all over the place after being on the pill for so long. It is reassuring to hear that. So she said most treatments need 3 full cycles to balance your system and she looks at things like your diet and lifestyle etc. It was EUR60 for an hour with her and to be honest I found it worth it. Felt very positive after coming out from meeting with her. I have looked up a lot on Acupuncture and it is used alot in people TTC and very successful. I think the thing she spoke about that made a lot of sense is that Chinese medicine looks at the body as a whole and is about balancing your system as opposed to Eastern Medicine which treats one thing at a time. Anyway, I thought it was great and am going back in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the herbs will bring on my AF (wish it would arrive!). :lol: