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smalltalk Posts: 460
Hi girls. af on her merry way ttc no 2 10 months now and am really fed up. Can't imagine it happening. took 11 months to ttc dd so I suppose that gives me some hope but I know if I don't get bfp next month I really really will freak because I never thought I would be at this ttc lark for so long. Anyway very reg cycle, dtd really well timed and nada. day 3 bloods came back grand. have referral for dh for sa so that is next thing and my 21 day bloods as well. Know I ov cos I chart. Am thinking of starting acupuncture. Never done it before but Iam running out of things to try!!!! am hoping it might help me relax about ttc if nithing else. Any experinces to share? success stories, how much, how often, where, any good etc. All opinions welcome. If anyone have anyrecommendations for a good acupuncturist in dublin 15 would appreciate any advice. Thanks girls
smalltalk Posts: 460
jewellb Posts: 2389
small talk im going to pm you :wv
smalltalk Posts: 460
Thanks jewel got it :wv