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Vogue Posts: 426
Since I came off the pill last May, my skin has been terrible. I havn't had a day without at least one new spot appearing. This last week it has got so much worse! I now have what could only be described as Boils on my face!! I thought your skin was supposed to glow during pregnancy!? Anyone in the same boat?
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
vogue i didnt get acne but i got chloasma which is alot of redness and blotchiness around the cheeks. It is only at this late stage it is disappearing and my skin looks nice again ( my skin has never looked nice though, always suffered with spots). I think what you are experiencing is pretty normal, dont fret it xx
maybeababy10 Posts: 33
Hi Vogue, I feel your pain, mine got progressively worse since coming off pill. The amount of very visble pores is really annoying. The spots I've experienced over the past 6wks or so are really sore too & take their time disappearing & if I go near them it seems to make them more visible. I'm not full of them but I've always got a few & lots of red blemishes from the ones that have just gone. Have to say though they had eased off last week, but got my skin seems to be getting greasy any today. I'm trying to drink lots of water which should help but am looking forward to the glowing phase too
mac tavish Posts: 296
sorry to say girls my skin was awful for the whole pregnancy i got spots in places i never had before ie back and shoulders. My son is 10 weeks now and ive been back on the pill for almost 3 weeks and its still not great. I have pcos though so skin was never brilliant to begin with. It was my only complaint for the whole pregnancy thank god and my little monster is so worth it!
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I got spots very bad on my chin while pregnant. I was told it was pregnancy hormones and it should go away when I had the baby. It was hard to handle because before bfp I had perfect skin. I bf until 6mths(which I was told was still keeping the spots due to hormones) and my skin was still bad up until I finally went to the doctor and demanded something. I was recommended Zinneryt and it was brilliant but I was so peed off when I read on the bottle safe to use during pregnancy & bf. Next time you are at your antenatal appointment with your doctor ask for zinneryt.
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
hi vogue. i feel your pain! i had perfect skin but only cuz i was on dianette pill but when i stopped to ttc my skin exploded with those boil-like spots and normally red and whitehead spots and i'm 9wks tomorrow and still have them. all over my chest and back and they're now spreading to my shoulders. they upset me as they're very obvious and GP is very nice but she said that as they're hormonal nothing you apply topically will work properly and that unfortunately you just have to put up with it but that theres a chance it'll clear after 12wks.
Emme Posts: 4735
I hate to gloat but I think I'm entitled to after 15 long years of waking up and dreading looking at my face to see what spots the night had brought! The pill cured me about 50% but being pregnant cured me 99% of the way. GP warned me my skin would most likely explode when I got pg but that it would settle down during my PG and afterwards usually clears completely. In the meantime I found honey face masks to be great for calming spots and I love burts bees orange facial wash. I've tried everything down through the years and prescribed medicines and these two things are the only things that ever worked. And don't pick!!
shellrex Posts: 571
Vogue it's just one of those fantastic pregnancy things to get spots O:| I know how you feel. I got massive boils on jaw line particuarly on RHS from about 5 weeks to 11 weeks :o( The good news is mine did sort of go away but now since about 17 weeks they're kindof back but not as bad now on LHS :o0 I felt so ugly and deformed. Why on the face I used ask myself. Anywhere else you could hid them :-8 I felt like I had a shining beacon pointing to them and it'd be so obvious to everyone I was pregnant but when I broke the news people said they thought the spots were just hormonal :-8 God I must look rough most of the time anyway :o0
gaby Posts: 455
hi vogue. got acne too after having clear skin before hand. i got on my back on my scalp and neck did get very annoying and painful at times and got red patches on face too.i never really wore makeup everyday either so had to get used to that. but had a few facials throughtout pregnancy just to treat myself and found these helped with the severity of spots. also had to just accept that it was my low point in pregnancy(never sufferded from morning sickness) im 40wks+3 and woke up with spot this morning!!!! the books dont tell you about this side of pregnancy!!! >:o(
Vogue Posts: 426
Thanks for the replies ladies! Why the hell don't they tell you about this craic in the books? And the bowel spasms at night; I thought I was going to pass out with the pain at 2am it was that bad and all for a poo!! The joys! I'm not really complaining, I'm only too happy to have symptoms but times I feel like the only one iykwim!