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ItsOK Posts: 849
I've always suffered from acne throughout my teenage years, it seemed to clear a lot in my early 20's but in the last year its come back with a vengence, but this time its big sore boils - always around mouth, jawline and just under the jawline. I started doing facials late last year and recently bought a lot of Dermologica stuff, and its clearing a bit and the spots aren't as painful, but now I'm stressing out as I've only 12 weeks left and have a lot of red scars. I'm kicking myself as I didnt do anything like the blue light treatments or microdermabrasion or go on antibiotics last year and now I have left it too late to clear my skin properly in time for my wedding :o( :o( Anyone have any miracle cures that work in 12 weeks???!!!!!
LoveBear Posts: 91
Are you on anti biotics for your skin? If not get to your doc now as they take a few weeks to start working but it will make all the difference. I've been there...i started antibiotics about 8 weeks before the wedding and had no spots on the day :o)ll
ItsOK Posts: 849
Thats great, thanks a mill....delighted to hear theres still hope :o)ll Will go to the doc and get one this week :)
Laila1 Posts: 640
would sunbed do any good??
ItsOK Posts: 849
unfortunately (or fortunately!) I'm way too pale for sunbed so its not recommended for me
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Yeah get down to the docs now and get a course of antibiotics, it's the only thing that works for me! Keeps re-ocurring and have to take another course every so often. But should sort you out for the big day! Make sure you tell him your big day is coming up :)