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sally Posts: 1140
I made an appointment for acupuncture today and am going Thursday evening so ill let ye know how I get on. Ive heard its great for TTC... anyone tried it.
sally Posts: 1140
Hi... just had my acupuncture today and must say I thought it was brilliant. The guy I went to really knew his stuff.... although it was a bit embarrasing talking about my cervical mucus and my periods with him.... but he knew way more than most gps about charting and CM. So ill be going to him twice a week and he is going to try get my 33 day cycle closer to 28days and my ovulation day from 20 to around 14. He has had sucess with a lot of women he said although he thought I was young and hadnt been trying that long (31yrs and trying 5 months) and the delay was prob down to the pill. He will give me herbs next month if nothing happens this month. So just thought Id let you know if ye were considering it.
feelsobad Posts: 693
hi can you give me details of who you are going to?? :wv
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Make sure you keep us updated with how this goes - wouldn't it be great if it happened straight away
luigi Posts: 867
Hiya, Different experience for me but just want to say that I think acupuncture is also great. I had a few problems after birth and it really helped bring my hormones into line again so Id firmly believe itcould help TTC. Fingers crossed for you hon! Lou
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
hey sally, could you pm me the details too? ta!
sally Posts: 1140
Yeah ill keep you posted, going again tommorrow and thursday.... he only charges 35euro a week even if you need to go three times as he said I will need to do the week im ovulating. Must say I feel much better emotionally since I went, much more positive. Dont know if its the acupuncture or the fact I went to someone professional.