Acupuncture Wrist Bands

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S0phia Posts: 367
Just wondering if anyone has had any relief from Morning Sickness with one of these. I am absolutely dying with it all day and will do anything at this stage!
justwed09 Posts: 2349
hi sophia, congrats on your pregnancy, just read your post in may 2010 too! yes, i got these bands, same ones as travel sickness bands and found they helped but did aggitate my wrists if i had them on for more than a few hours. HTH
mtv Posts: 935
hi from reading other posts i have read they do help some people alright. i never bought one mself.
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
Hi! I've been using them and have found them good. They don't give 100% relief but the definitely make it more bearable. Well worth a try is you're suffering anyway.
S0phia Posts: 367
Thanks girls, was so ill yesterday had to leave work early so went to the chemist and got a pack, wearing them all day today and i dont feel half as bad! Only problem is trying to hide them under my clothes - they are bright green!!
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
You poor thing. I hope they work for you. I didnt find that they worked at all.
S0phia Posts: 367
Not working so well today :hic
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
I thought they did work for me a bit so would recommend them. hope you feel better soon, I know its not nice :o(