acupunture or hypnotize to quit smoking??

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tlove Posts: 572
Any of you ladies have either done or know someone who has. My boyfriend smokes 20 a day, suffers from asthma, chest infections.... He decided yesterday it was time to give up. Anyone recommend which is better ?? thanks in advance. :thnk
munya09 Posts: 30
Hiya I went and got hypnotised 2 years ago there in august and havent looked back. I went to longford to Derek Cobb, he has been on the late late show a few times, paid €150.00 i think but it was money well spent. Smoked right up until i walked in the door and havent smoked since!
kila2008 Posts: 678
I'm afraid I'm still a bit boyf was hypnotised by the same guy as previous poster on a Monday evening....he was back smoking the following Thursday....said he would probably have been back smoking sooner only he was trying his best not to, as didn't want to admit he had paid €150 for nothing :o0 He said that he felt like having a cigarette as soon as he left the place after his session, so it definitely didn't do him any good!
barley Posts: 858
I gave up smoking 8 years ago. My husband gave up 9 years ago but went back on them 5 years later and has been on and off ever since. I tried quite a number of times to give up over the years I smoked but to no avail and my DH also tried numerous times and failed. The way I did it was I read the 1st 2 chapters of the Alan Carr book, put it down, continued smoking for 2 months and then suddenly woke one day with 2 in my bag which I smoked (1 in work and 1 at home that evening) and I never looked back, never wanted another, never needed another and never even thought about smoking to this day. The only thing I can think of is that I gave up because my mind was in the right place at the time and I feel that the Alan Carr book did help as it put doubt in my mind about why I was smoking. My DH gave up using patches, gum and anything else he could get his hands on but found it very very difficult which is probably why he's still on them and had the odd one even in the 5 years he was supposed to be off them. My advice to you would be to buy him the book, can't go wrong with a couple of Euro against €150 and get him to give it a go. If that fails, go to plan B which might be patches, gum or hypnotist (all are expensive). If all that fails, show him some dreadful photos of mouth cancer or lunc cancer along with statistics and see if that budges him. I am so glad I gave up, best thing I ever did even if I did gain a couple of stone in the process (which I lost eventually) Good luck
ladyandthetramp Posts: 411
Hi i am an acupuncturist so we use a combination of acupuncture and ear seeds( they are little plasters with a magnet on them, placed on certain parts of the outer ear) you stimulate them when you have a craving, they are used for a mumber of addictions with great results. Hypnotherapy( i am a student of hypnotherapy at the moment) will only work for you if you actually want to give up, this goes for any therapy. i gave up smoking a year ago and i used hypnotherapy, my friend who is a hypnotherapist asked me personally what i liked and didnt like smoking and so used a personal script just for me not a standard one that alot of hypnotherapists would use, this i think i what did the trick. you could use a combination of acupuncture and hypnosis to give up smoking. or you could try one if it doesnt suit then try the other, they may seem expensive but in the long run its actually saving you money. Which ever you go for, remember it is a team effort you actually have to put some effort in too and these claims that it you can give up smoking in one hour in my opinion is not true it may take people a few sessions in hypnotherapy before they give up, some people, not all, have real issues linked with why they smoke, and an hour sometimes doesnt solve the problem, but once it is solved the person finds it really easy to give up and never looks back! Pm if you would like anymore info :wv
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Myself and DH gave up smoking 4 years ago and put it all down to the Alan Carr book Its a cheaper option than the other 2 to try out first
healthy living Posts: 21
Try the quit smoking clinic.
Nadie Posts: 1111
Myself and my husband gave up after going to the Allen Carr clinic in the Red Cow - they are run in Galway and Cork as well I think. It's a few hours, 12pm to 5 pm I think... Expensive at €270 but very effective and cheaper than a month of cigs. Also there's a money back guarantee - if you're back on them within 3 months they refund you so it's a win win!
satc09 Posts: 178
caitcurran Posts: 159
I cant recommend the Alan Carr book enough. I really helped me understand my addiction. i am a non smoker for over a year and half now and giving up smoking was the best thing I ever did. :wv Good luck.