Adam Sandler wedding singer song - cheesy or class?

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Nadie Posts: 1111
Hello Wollies, Have you seen the Wedding Singer? If so, do you remember the song he sings to Drew Barrymore on the plane? Have you ever heard this song done as the first dance at a wedding? You see, I think the words in this song sum up me and the H2B pretty well, all the craic about giving her her medication when she's 80 and wobbly...and the whole best friends vibe. But am worried it would come accross a bit daft as a first song, so if anyone has heard it used at a wedding I would love to hear if it worked out well or fell flat on it's face. Thanks a million for anyone who answers!
NowGone Posts: 8042
It's neither cheesy nor it is classy, per se. It's kinda sweet, a little left of centre and a wee bit cheesy (like a baby bel). If it's appropriate for you as a couple, then I say go for it!
jen0808 Posts: 1076
Friends of ours did that at their wedding, he mimed the song to her while she sat on a chair. Most of us 'got' it, however the older crowd just didn't :o0 We thought it was quite sweet and we were all singing along.
she Posts: 3298 here it is for anyone to have a look at it......... ahhhhhh i love it and was actually thinking of singing it to my [b:1q8pcmbk]husband!!![/b:1q8pcmbk]at the reception.......i just have to get him to watch the film first, i never stop watching it but he's always doing something when i am.......
jen0808 Posts: 1076
I love that film too She
Nadie Posts: 1111
Thanks a million for the input ladies, I think I'll continue the search...
fruitypie Posts: 826
I love that film too.. What was the song that the old lady sang at the party?? Can't find it on you tube.. .
Hepburn Posts: 4081
It is cute....go for it! I love anything different. Myself and my husband toyed with this as a party piece for the session after our wedding. We didn't work on it enough though! It's from The Jerk...I love that movie!
Nadie Posts: 1111
Ooh, I quite like the party piece idea. H2b plays guitar and I'd it's go down well in the resident's bar... I thought you meant rapper's delight! Great first dance song...
shellzey Posts: 185
think you should go for should definately do something which means something special to you.. just love that film..first one me & hubby went to see in cinema together...oh the memories :lvs