Addicted to my jeggings

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wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I'm totally addicted to them, live in them and I'm panicking that I don't have enough pairs/colours!!! :-8 I get them all in Vera Moda/Villa. THey have a stretchy waistband. I have 2 black, blue, oxblood and got a new khaki brown pair the other day. It doesn't help that they are 2 pairs for 30euro. I'm thinking of stocking up on back-up pairs and more colours :-8 :-8 Going to buy new winter boots too to go with them but in a dilema as to which colour. Really really want a grey pair of boots but they won't go with everything whereas black would. Can anyone solve my dilema for me? Saw fab Rockey Dog suede boots online that I love but don't know about the practicality of suede/grey???!!!!
SunnyK Posts: 3834
wedjul05 - that is the weirdest thing! I just turned aroundto the otehr girl in my office and said "where did we get those jeggings that time - I could do with getting them for the winter". We got them for the 2 for €30 and got a pair each. They are defo the best ones that I've found, great fit and nice and comfy. I've got the black ones but could do with the dark blue ones too. Can't have too many jeggings! (Only problem is you don't notice the winter weight creeping on if you live in jeggings / leggings :-8 )
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I know, they are fab. I got a 2nd black pair as they do get a bit washed out after a while. I'm thinking I could do with another blue/oxblood pair as back-ups. The weight is going the opposite way for me, thank god! THat's what going to the gym 3-5 times a week will do to ye! I rem getting my 1st pair and they were slightly bet onto me, now the leg is kinda baggy actually and no muffin top etc now :o)ll