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LK10 Posts: 62
Hey ladies... my invitations are being made at the minute and they should be ready now in the next 2 weeks... I am thinking about printing the addresses on clear labels for the envelopes...but don't have a notion where to begin...can I do it on my own computer or do I have to buy a label maker...???!!!x
radiantbride Posts: 90
All I done was figured out which size label I would prefer. You can decide this by opening a Microsoft Word document go to Tools, Letters and Mailings, then Envelopes and Labels, click on the Labels tab, then select Options. Then select the label type you would like. Under Label Products I selected Avery A4 & A5 sizes then I went for Product Number L7160 - Address. This gives you a label of 6.35cm wide and 3.81cm height. Then you click on OK. Then it says address and gives you an option to type an address in, I only typed an address in here for the RSVP's as it gives you an A4 page full of labels with the same address on it - I put my home address in. For doing the guests actual invites all you have to click here is New Document (don't type an address in this box if you want a blank A4 page of labels)- this will produce a full page of the label size you selected and you can fill each label in with whatever names and addresses you need. For the labels I bought mine from Amazon - just search for QuickPEEL address labels L7160 - the least you can get is 40 A4 pages full of labels - then this should give you the option of clear labels or white whichever you would like. Anymore help you need PM me!!
LK10 Posts: 62
Oh my god your sooooooooooo good...Im gonna check all this now on my computer and I'll PM ya if needs be....Thanks again Xx
NemoFish Posts: 2501
I printed straight onto the envelopes, and found it easy. Alot of people commented on how well they looked.