adult swimming lessons limerick

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reynmc Posts: 74
Anyone know where i can get adult swimming lessons in Limerick??
22 bride Posts: 113
I would love to know this too, because im hoping to learn how to swim before my honeymoon. I wish i done it when i was younger.
quagmire Posts: 45
Hi there, you can get lessons in ul they usually start in sept, st. Endas do them as well. i got swimming lessons in ul last nov and after christmas, i was getting on great but havent been back since after the wedding. but if you do decide to get lessons do put aside an extra hour during the week to practice it does make a difference!!!!! HTH
sunny505 Posts: 1807
I second what MissBrightSide said. I went to UL too and found them very good. They actually continue all through the summer as well. Next new set starting are on Monday 31st and Tuesday 1st of September. Pick whichever class suits you best and they go on for 7 or 8 weeks I think. I love swimming it's so relaxing.
Claregirl1982 Posts: 71
Went to UL for lessons last year and would highly recommend it, very well run and great facilities, really improved my swimming. Swimming is great for toning up i find.
22 bride Posts: 113
Hi girls, Thanks for the advice, im starting lessons in september in UL. :thnk
sunny505 Posts: 1807
I'm starting too - next Monday. Can't wait.