Advice - daytime sleeping routine - 12 week old

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elizajane Posts: 631
Hi Mammies Looking for a wee bit of advice - have twin girls - 12 weeks old and doing fantastic! Really are very good babies. Just looking for advice re day time sleeping - at night they are fantastic sleepers - last night for example they went down after their last feed at 11pm and didnt wake till 7.20am and went back down at 9.20 and slept till 12 noon! But daytime/evening sleeping is completely hap hazzard! One day this week we walked to the shops so they were out in the buggy for two hours and the slept for every minute of it + about another 45 mins in the buggy when they got home. Yday I strugged to get them to sleep for 2 hours and after that two hours i gave up and brought them into our bed and eventually they slept for just over an hour. They dont sleep in the evenings at all - max is 10-15 mins in their bouncers. When they're going down for the night they're as good as gold - they go down awake, kiss and cuddle and as a rule are asleep within 10 mins -also when going back to sleep after their middle of night/early morn feed they go straight back to sleep. but when i try to put them down during the day (doing the exact same thing) they scream and scream! I try my best to look for signs of sleepiness and act immediately and act then - just like the books say!!!! I suppose im asking - how much should a 3 month old sleep during the day and what interval should be between sleeps/feeds etc! (I'm BF except for the last feed of night where they get formula) Any stories/help/advice appreciated :wv
flippersmrs Posts: 660
ok this is prob going to be no help at all, but i feel your pain! my ds was the same. great sleeper at night but my god were the naps during the day an ordeal. i used to think why doesnt my baby sleep? it turns out he was just a very very active child, and now a very active toddler. i basically just persisted and persisted (for months :o( ) putting himn down at around 10-11 am (depending on what time he would be up in the morn) and again at around 2pm-ish. tried everything to get him to sleep-rocking, singing, soft music, sssss-pat technique, letting him cry it out etc. all i can say is that eventually he developed his own routine (he is stubborn) and would go down at 11 am for an hour and 2 pm for about 2 hours. but i will say(sorry) that it never got easier to get him to sleep, he just accepted it a bit better. even now as a toddler he will often go down for nap no bother at all but some days he will protest and scream/or mess and laugh and putting him to bed is still a struggle-sleeps great but getting him to go to bed is the prob. personally i found perserverance, a strong will and letting him cry it out at times helped. i felt that if he was fed, clean, dry and in no pain then he was prob just acting up so let him cry for a few mins each time before going back into him. he always slept in the car/out for walks etc and some days it was the only way to get him to sleep-go for a long walk and have a good cry or moan. it is hard(well i found it very hard anyway) but looking back im lucky to have a child that sleeps through the night. even if my sanity would crumble during the day!
ructions Posts: 2689
Honestly, if your babies are sleeping that well at night don't worry about it! My DS was a rubbish sleeper both at night and day for months so I'd have given my right arm for a full night's sleep at 12 weeks. If they're happy and content they're getting enough sleep. My little man was and still is super active and nosy, he was never a sleepy baby so take advantage while you can! O-O
Angel Delight Posts: 103
My LO is the same, generally goes down at night at about half nine and sleeps till out half four/five. She then has a feed and back down till about eight, then up and dressed and sleeps till about half ten. She will only go for big sleeps if we go somewhere in the car or out in the buggy. She slept today for two hours after a ten minute drive in the car. At home its a differant story, wont sleep in bouncer, basket or play mat, generaly falls asleep in my arms and I put her in her pram but she never sleeps for more that 30 mins at a time. (My mother has warned me that I am making a rod for my own back doing this!!!) I dont realy mind as she is such a good sleeper at night, goes down awake and feed and change only takes about 30 mins before she is back down, no tears etc. I would hate if she was sleeping all day and napping all night!