advice for dog with baby on the way

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mrsryan2be Posts: 231
Hi, I have my dog for 5 years. Love him to bits. He isnt ever with other dogs or people, just me and my DH. He is very friendly and loyal to us. However in the last year if anyone calls to the house or if we are out walking he will growl and snarl at people. I am afraid that he could bite. We have a baby on the way and there is no doubt that I am keeping the dog (he's my first baby!), but I really need to do something as I think it is a protective/jealous streak. Does anyone have any suggestions?
summerlovin Posts: 30
Hi mrsryan2b, Unfortunately i dont have any advice but just thought id reply cause i am in the exact same situation. My dog is my baby too and im kind of dreading how we are gonna manage her once the baby comes. She's a pure baby to us and has been spoilt rotten since the day we got her (3 yrs ago). She's a house dog even though she is a large breed dog. Everyone has been saying to me oh you know you're gonna have to put that dog out once the baby arrives which i really dont want to do. Like you have said, our dog is extremely fond and loyal towards my husband and i but when anyone else comes around our house she can be a bit aggressive. She is fine with people once they come inside the house, its just when they knock at the door etc she goes mental. She's a gentle giant in fairness but i am a little bit worried how she will react to the baby. At the moment she sleeps in our bedroom at night with us (she has done since the day we got her). I know this is going to have to change. I dont want to put her outside cause she has always been a house dog but i think im gonna have to start getting her used to sleeping in the kitchen. Just so she won't get a complete shock and change when the baby comes.
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
Prob not what you want to hear but i'd give the dog away or keep it outside. End of story! There is no way i'd let a dog be in the house anyway but def not with a baby in the house. Its just not worth it.
Sassy1 Posts: 446
Guys there is no reason in hell why a dog and a baby cannot grow up along side each other. You posted in the Furry Section and I replied. I have 4 dogs and just to get the shock factor out of the way one of them is a rottweiler and as for the get rid of the dogs or out the back in our house it won't be happening - obviously common sense comes into play and you don't leave the baby unattended with the dog(s). Obviously getting ready for the baby the dog will sense something is going on with stuff coming into the house etc. I would let the dog sniff the buggy get use to it being in the house and in different locations. When you are in the hospital get your husband or partner to bring home a babygrow belonging to the baby and if the dog has a dog bed give it to the dog to sniff, smell, sleep on its (obviously you will have loads of babygrows so are not going to miss one being binned after the dog has had a good sniff and smell of it). Let the dog get use to the smell of the baby so that when it comes home its not a new smell to it. As for the dog and growling your dogs contact with other humans has been quiet limited and by the sounds of it not socialised - not a go at you just the impression I am getting. Get a jar of treats leave them in the hall and when ppl call get them to take a few but not to go straight to the dog let the dog come to them. When he approaches or sniffs them he gets a treat so he will recognise people = treats. The same if you are out and know people who have dogs get them to met you in the park and have treats and when the dog shows interest he gets a treat. I am not sure where you are based but if you are in Dublin I have no problem meeting you with one or two of my hooligans as they are pretty much bomb proof at this stage and have been used to socilaise other dogs previously. Our dogs sleep in the bedroom with us as well but over the next 2/3 months we are going to change this - first move them to the landing and than downstairs if its done well in adance of the baby arriving it won't upset their rountine at all.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
[quote="jamseyjo":1vurvosv]Prob not what you want to hear but i'd give the dog away or keep it outside. End of story! There is no way i'd let a dog be in the house anyway but def not with a baby in the house. Its just not worth it.[/quote:1vurvosv] That's a ridiculous suggestion and not at all helpful. I have a one yr old lab who spends a lot of time inside and sleeps in the kitchen, I am due our first baby next week. Ours can be very excitable and playful but hasn't shown any aggression. I started a thread on this a while back too but I'm on my phone so can't it. We've got ours used to not being on on the furniture unless she's asked and i have the Moses basket in the sitting room a month or so to get her used to it. She will continue to sleep in the kitchen and we'll see how the rest goes. She's very calm with me on her own so I think she'll be fine. Obviously I'm not going to leave the baby on the floor with her or anything but I'm not going to banish her outside either. Ill let you know how I get on in a few weeks!
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
Its a safety thing and also a hygiene issue. Animals in a house with a baby is just not appropriate. Just my opinion.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Hi there, we have a Labrador/pointer cross and she's almost 2yrs now. Our dd is 10mths. We hadn't got the dog very long before we found out we were expecting and I was very worried. She's a house dog and there was no way we were putting her out or getting rid of her. We love her to bits. However we did have to do a bit of work with her in advance. When we first got her we let her into the bedroom but the vet almost killed me for doing this and he was quite right. Dogs need to know they are below you and not equal to you so they should never be let into the bedroom especially if you have a baby. The vet suggested we do crate training with the dog and this worked brilliantly. She sleeps downstairs in the living area. We've since gotten rid of the crate now, she's just been sleeping on her bed for the past few months and never touches a thing. When I got pregnant, I started spending a bit less time with the do and instead let my oh take over more so she wouldn't get jealous when I suddenly arrived home with a new baby. We left the Moses basket and buggy/pram around the place when it was getting close to the time. Also when I went into hospital oh brought home a blanket and vest and put it into the dogs bed so she got used to the smell. When I came home se wasn't really too interested in the baby but she quickly learned that the baby was above her and not to jump up around the baby. We also stopped letting her on the sofa before dd arrived. Fast forward 10mths dd is absolutely fascinated by the dog and they'll be best friends. Dd is often in her bouncer beside the dog and its no problem. We have an open plan living area and now we keep the dog out of the sitting room bit. Her bed is where the dining table is so she's still in the main area where we are. I did this so that dd could play on the floor and have her toys around without the dog licking them and sniffing them. Dogs have a fond habit of licking their bums! Anyway all in all there's no need to be getting rid of the dog, just do a bit of work preparing them for change so that it isn't a big shock. Hth
Silini2 Posts: 3834
It definitely wouldn't be for me either. I just couldn't relax. Personally I prefer dogs outside anyway... But I can't pretend to know anything much about training them. There's no way I'd risk a dog and a baby in a house together, but that's just me.
highbeam Posts: 2578
[quote="jamseyjo":2yk5l47a]Its a safety thing and also a hygiene issue. Animals in a house with a baby is just not appropriate. Just my opinion.[/quote:2yk5l47a] Dogs are not disposable items, the OP clearly stated she does not want to get rid of her dog so why post such an unhelpful opinion. Hasn't there been studies that show kids that grow up with cats and dogs are healthier than those with no pets Ive replied on the other thread
black pearl Posts: 3513
[quote="jamseyjo":naj2iwny]Its a safety thing and also a hygiene issue. Animals in a house with a baby is just not appropriate. Just my opinion.[/quote:naj2iwny] This is soooo untrue, I have had 3 public health nurses from my area say that we are lucky to have a dog in the house with a newborn as it will be of benefit to their immune systems. OP I have a lab/collie mix, friendly littlest thing ever, had no worries with DD on the way, he knew as does your own dog that the baby is coming they can sense it. DH brought home all the baby grows and vests etc from the hosp, he gave them a good sniff, when DD came home he was sooooo afraid of her it was funny. Not she is 23mths, and is obsessed with him, she stalks him round the house, gives out to him when he is barking and feeds him her food when she doesnt fancy it, they get on fab! I wouldnt worry too much, but can I ask when you take him out walking do you allow him to socialise with other dogs? I always find that dogs who are allowed to sniff each other and growl or get along-whichever it may be, dont seem to mind other people in their house as much? Our guy doesnt really mind visitors, I deffo would not get rid of the dog, there is no need, I understand some people dont like dogs and wouldnt have them around kids, but those who are dog owners know themselves whether the dog will be ok or not. When is baby due? x