Hi girls. Hope everyone is well. Just a bit of advice needed. As some of you know I have not been well this pregnacy, and have had a few operations. Since then I have had more pain, and am now on alot of pain killers. My question is, did anyone of you mums have your baby while on medicine. I am on Oxynorm. I will have to be weened off it, as the baby can not be born while I am on it, as it will suffer withdrawals, and respitory depression. As it is they are inducing me 3 weeks early. Starting to really worry about the baby, as my body is just being pumped with stuff, plus at the 20 week scan I was told that the baby has a tiny hole between 2 chambers of it heart. they said this can happen and should close up when the baba starts to breath. Was anyone else told this. Sorry for all the questions. MY DH will not talk about it, as he said he cat even think about it. Any advice would be great. Jen2