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August 08 Posts: 58
Hi recently joined back with WW, and weight is just not going anywhere. I walk in the evenings, and do sit ups in the morning... still to no avail. Anyone any advice for me on how to get a smaller much toned tummy Any advice greatly appreciated Thanks O:|
happilyeverafter Posts: 299
Hi Ms All Eights 2008, Ok well for me i spent years doing sit ups and i mean loads and loads and got no results. This time however what i did was drink loads of green tea, any herbal tea really (peppermint esp great for tummy), cut waaaaaaaaaay back on junk and rubbish, stocked up on fruit i had never tasted star fruit/passion fruit/ mango etc. What i now do is i power walk (break it with joggin for 2mins ie 2mins powerwalking - 2mins jogging and so on) for 20 mins - i do this 3times a wk. After i do this i am puffed out and sweaty (i obviously am not very fit) and i then use my ab-roller. I do sit-ups for right side/left side/upper and lower abs. I find these very good and results are noticeable. I googled and read that you need to exercise all muscles to see results on tummy. I also read that you need to have done some form of fat burning exerrcise prior to crunches/sit ups to make them successful. I now do 450 on left hand abs and on right hand abs, i do 600-1000 on upper abs and 450 on lower abs. Although i probably would be better off if i jogged more.
Mama2 Posts: 1230
I can highly recommend Pilates for a better looking tummy. It's great for the arms too.
August 08 Posts: 58
Hi Girls thanks for the help, i recently got into the peppermint tea and its quiet nice and easy to drink too. Happilyeverafter I have a long way to go before reaching the numbers you are at fair play to you. Going to go for my walk again this evening and straight into some sit-ups. I have a yoga video that i might have a look at too (just to see could I handle it!!!!) Not sure if there is any pilates classes around me but will definately check it out. I have a wedding next week, not going to lose anything between now and then probably (well maybe 1-2 lb) and then going to concentrate big time. Watch this space :thnk
garran9 Posts: 4401
[quote="jejum":izozmd5b]I can highly recommend Pilates for a better looking tummy. It's great for the arms too.[/quote:izozmd5b] Hiya Jejum, Just saw your comment about Pilated being good for arms. I really want to tone my arms and back. Is pilated really good foor this? :wv