Advice needed on trying for a baby & medical insurance

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wantababy Posts: 5
Hi everyone, I was a June bride, but Ive re-registered now that me & DH are planning a family, so this is my first post with my new name! we are going to start trying for a baby in the next 12 months & I have one question I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have just taken out vivas health cover in preperation & I know they won't pay out any of their benefits for the first 26 weeeks of the policy (I wasn't insured before) and 52 weeks for the maternity benefits. How soon into the pregnancy do you need to start claiming things on your health insurance? I want to figure out how soon we can start trying, we dont want to wait for the full 52 weeks to be up unless we have to! I thought I might have more luck posting in here with this question than in TTC. Thanks!
Baby on board Posts: 136
Hi I hope all goes well when trying to conceive for you and your hubby!! In relation to your health insurance I assume you are going to go private when the time comes. In this case you will only have to claim on your insurance when delivering the baby. This is if there are no complications before the baby is born which would mean you have to be admitted to hospital. So essentially you only have to claim on your insurance when admitted to hospital, however if ou have to go into hospital before the 12 months are up you could go pubically in this instance. I hope this makes sense and if you have any more questions just ask!!
wantababy Posts: 5
Thanks for the reply baby on board! I'm a total novice at this, I'm not originally from Ireland, so I'm not really up to speed on what you do and don't have to pay as far as far as medical costs go! I thought (stupidly) I would HAVE to have health insurance, even for going public, is this not the case? is everything free if going public? I was planning to go public anyway as the private hispitals are all a bit too far from me! Thanks for your help so far :thnk
arsenal09 Posts: 286
Hi wantababy, you don't need health insurance to go public, it is free to have a baby in Ireland. I have VHI but I am going public to have my baby and will just have the benefit of a stay in a private or semi-private room if it is available when time comes.
wantababy Posts: 5
Thanks a million for that arsenal! I guess that means we can get started sooner than I thought! I really didn't realise it was completely free to go public!
arsenal09 Posts: 286
Yip, enjoy ttc :) During your first GP visit to confirm your pregnancy they will also get u to fill in a form that entitles you to free GP visits also and I believe u are also entitled to free Dentist visits when pregnant...oh the advantages :)