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Sitges Posts: 33
Hello Ladies, I am 8 weeks pregnant on my 1st child and up until this Monday I had normal pregnancy symptoms i.e. fatigue, creamy CM, sensitive boobs but thankfully no morning sickness! On Monday I got sick and had diahorrea which I put down to a dodgy club sandwich I had eaten the day before. However after going for a pee on Monday morning I noticed a slight brown discharge very light in colour. It was there again around 2 hours later but has since disappeared. I did not have any cramps, pains or bachache. Since Monday I have suddenly become symptomless and have zero discharge. I am completely dry. When I mentioned this to my doctor he said that the fact that my symptoms have gone can happen but the absence of any discharge is unusual and he sent me to the Early Pregnancy Clinic for a scan this morning. Thankfully the scan went great and the lady who did the scan in CUMH said that everything is fine. We could see the baby's heart beating which was so fabulous! She said that my body has just settled in to the pregnancy and that is why my sypmtoms have eased and discharge is gone. So my question is whether it is normal for creamy discharge to disappear in early pregnancy? Sorry for the long post but I am usually not a worrier and want some piece of mind from the Wollies!! Thanks
Emme Posts: 4735
I never had any at all! Did have brown discharge though. Great that the scan went well, enjoy!
babybliss Posts: 437
I had hardly any discharge during the first 7 months and I have only noticed now in the past couple of weeks some discharge, so sounds like completely normal...
Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
I also had very little discharge for the 1st few months, but did have brown discharge and some bleeding. Like yourself had early scans and all was fine. Try not to worry and believe your Doctors when they tell you all is normal :lvs
Sitges Posts: 33
Oh thanks girls for your assurances.....I'm going to forget about it and enjoy this wonderful day when I saw my baby's heart beating for the 1st time :lvs :o)ll