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Aug2007 Posts: 10
I've 12 months until my big day and really enjoying the preparations part. The only thing is myself and H2B have been trying unsuccessfully for a baby since Apr 05. We are going to the HARI clinic in the Rotunda at the end of this month to see why we haven't been able to concieve yet. I dont want to cancel this appointment as there is a very long waiting list in the HARI clinic but I'm afraid once the tests and medication start I might get pregnant with a due date close to our wedding day. Do you think we are mad to start getting help TTC with only a year to go to the wedding?? Sorry if this sounds silly to anyone but its really getting me down now. Any advise would be of great help to me. Aug2007
mad woman Posts: 22106
no, not at all it if you get pregnant im sure from reading your post that is would be more important to have your baby before you have you wedding.
lamb nose Posts: 679
Hi Aug2007, No, I would not cancel the appointment. If ye have been trying since April 05 then I'm sure ye will appreciate the help the HARI can provide. From reading these posts it seems it can be quite difficult to get pregnant sometimes so don't be worrying yourself about the possibility of having a baby around the wedding date. I'm sure if it happened you would be over the moon and it would not bother you! :D
chilledout Posts: 834
At the end of the day a baby is far more important than a wedding day. If you do happen to be due around the big day you can always change it. Best of luck to you!