Advice needed: Pooing of an 8 day old BF baby

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survivor Posts: 2507
My little 8 day old is having explosive poos. I'm BFing and its going really well. She seems to eat enough. Doesn't burp at every feed (I dont know if she should??). She is doing explosive poos. All of them sound like farts. Is this normal? I'm getting a bit worried about her. I hope she's not sick. She's sleeping a lot today too. She doesnt seem in distress or anything but those poos sound like diahorea. Any advice from other BF moms would be great. I'm so new to this I dont know what to expect. Are explosive poos normal and should she burp at every feed??? Thanks. (I'll post this on the BF thread too)
maman Posts: 297
Hi Survivor, Liam is 2 weeks old today and he has exactly the same sort of poos. We asked the doctor about this and we were told its normal for a BF baby. HTH
serenity Posts: 3675
Sorry on phone so quick reply but my little Jamies poos are the exact same... Like he gonna blow a hole in my trousers or knee!!!! exact same. Also Jamie does not burp every feed. Intact I struggle to get wind out of him a lot of the time.. HTH xx
milis Posts: 7998
Yup, it's normal! and they'll continue to have the consistancy of diarroeah until you introduce solids. Mrs July and Funkyfish call them poonami's :o0 (patent pending) In the early days dd's poos went right up her back and down her legs, some days I just cut her vests off her and put them in the bin. Anything from 5 times a day, to once every few days is normal for a bf'ed baby to poo. So long as they're producing wet nappies, and aren't uncomfortable all is good. My dd never really had much wind, bf'ed babies generally don't. They do react to some foods and get windy though, for my dd it's broccoli and brussels sprouts that do it, for others I've heard of dairy, grapes and chocolate causing problems. Only other advice I'd give you is to watch out for growth spurts, you've probably already had one around 5 days, but there are a few more coming up in the next few weeks where baby will want to feed constantly and appear to be very hungry, they're just increasing your milk supply, it's normal, and doesn't mean that you don't have enoguh milk. Any other questions there's loads of help available on this forum!!!
survivor Posts: 2507
Thanks for the quick replies girls. I was discussing the pooing situation with H2B earlier and he suggested I get on to WOL for advice. I love that he realises what a fantastic asset this place is. Its great to hear that my LO is behaving as normal. Its really out my mind at ease. Poonami's :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Bright Flower Posts: 483
Totally normal. I used to think DD had a tummy bug or something, but docs and PHN all said its normal. My DD used to do runny poos non-stop! And lots of farts! Best of luck!
mayday08 Posts: 704
I BF my LO for 11 weeks and i can say the ppos were explosive - sometimes away up LO back -ended up changin everythin stitch of clothin - some day a few times a day. Eventually when things settled down it went the other direction - no poo for a few days which i was told is not un common in BF babies as there is no waste in BF. Don't worry too much !
snowbear Posts: 2107
I actualaly went to the doctor with my DS at two weeks as I thought he had diarheoa! (sorry for spelling). Nope... just normal bf poos. Be warned... you will become obsessed with poo! We're on solids now and my God I think back to the days of sweetish smelling bf poo with fondness :yelrotflmaosmilie: