Advice needed re diet celebrity slim?

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rubymoon Posts: 756
Hi I'm 7 weeks after giving birth to my son. I have pulled a muscle in my lower back so exercising is out for now. I'm overweight and it's getting me down I can't even bear to look in the mirror! Had a baby 2 years ago and again 7 weeks ago and my stomach looks disgusting. Also have a 10 year old. I need a kick start until I can get out walking again. Was wondering about celebrity slim and opinions of anyone who has done it. I'm 5 foot 8 and weight 12 stone 8 2 years ago I weighed 10 stone 8 and was 11 stone 7 before my last pregnancy. Any tips would be great thanks I'm new to all this
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Hi ruby moon, I wouldn't usually ever recommend these type of things simply cos they don't work for me.... I end up craving the very food that is restricted and binging. In saying that though I've had slight eating disorder problems in the past so that's probably part of it for me. Anyway.... A friend of mine has tried this and it definitely works for her. A shake for brekkie and for lunch then a non carb dinner. I think you are allowed two small snacks, half an apple or an orange or something .... Don't think you are even allowed carrots cos they've too many carbs! She tends to do it for 2 weeks at a time but would take the Saturday off as her treat day or whatever. She doesn't have any time for exercise at the minute and with this she's managed to shift a few lbs anyway and she has kept it off by sticking to a relatively low carb diet even when not on the shakes. Think it's quite expensive though, you'd be talking about a fiver a day for two shakes. In principle it should be easy enough to do without shakes, they are about 200 calls each so if u had a 200 cal brekkie and 200 cal lunch it would amount to the same? For her though she says it's knowing that the shake is all she can have so she doesn't pick etc on other foods. Best of luck. X
rubymoon Posts: 756
Thanks sunnyk that is just the info I was looking for. Yes it's expensive bit even for 2 weeks it wouldn't be so bad. Going to buy it and start next week x
SunnyK Posts: 3834
One last thing, she said strawberry banana and choc are grand, rest are rotten!
rubymoon Posts: 756
[quote="SunnyK":1ok6zt98]One last thing, she said strawberry banana and choc are grand, rest are rotten![/quote:1ok6zt98] Will bear that in mind thanks
rubymoon Posts: 756
Had to quit this diet After 4 days. Got extremely dizzy spells and blurred vision that lasted 20 minutes a time. This was a bit frightening for me so goodbye celebrity slim.
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Crikey that's not good! Best to stick with salads stir fries and walks instead and see how that goes!!
Dinnys Posts: 78
I tried this and loved it! Only down side was the cost. I never really stuck rigidly to the diet just cut out all the junk and ate a good normal dinner in the evenings. Lost about 2 stone, but I wouldnt recommend it for long term, I would just use it as a kind of kick start of a proper diet. I loved the shake flavours... esp mint chocolate, cookies and cream and caramel. Im going to start it again. Wud the dizzy spells have anything to do with your body adjusting to you consuming less calories??
short n sweet Posts: 1802
i did this too after my first baby - and lost nothing!! I know we all want qucik fixes but honestly it's not worth it - I would 100% recommend you join Unislim - I did after my second baby and am now at target weight and lighter that I have been in nearly 20 years!! You will get lots of support from other Mums too and you won't suffer any dizzy spells! The weight loss may be slower than celebrity slim but it's a healthy option and the weight will stay off - Good Luck :wv
Sheesh Posts: 1129
I've started this today. i know its not the ideal way to do it but to be honest, I will try anything. I wast with weight watchers for the wear before my wedding, and i lost about 21 pounds. my baby is 5 months now and I've 3 stone to lose . i know if i get the weight off i can keep it off. would love to start up a little group or thread for celebrity slim if anyone's interested?