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alanna Posts: 58
Hi All Just thought id put my situation out there and see what ye all think. My b.f is getting married in uk nxt year in june. I am planning on gettin married in july myself this year and was planning on trying for a baby straight away . My only worry is that if I do manage to be lucky on the first few trys it means i will be due about 6wks before her wedding. I really want to be there for her as im her bridesmaid aswell and want to be able to help out. thinking about realistically tho for dress fittings and hen party etc I prob wont be much help if im heavily pregnant. Am i being a bit selfish by planning this knowing i'll be due 6 wks before or shud i just wait a bit later till after the wedding ? Im quite conscious of my age and really want to start straight away. thanks for listening ! any advice appreciated Alanna thanks all for listening !
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I wouldn't wait personally - I was going to wait as i was sisters BM for her wedding - I did get pregnant but it took 8 months and a m/c so don't put it on hold. There will never be a perfect time and you don't know how long it is going to take you to get your BFP. Also, as the wedding is in the UK and if you were due in 6 weeks, you could still travel by ferry to be there
love struck Posts: 1125
alanna I know exactly where you are coming from, I posted a similar post here around six months ago... I got married in Oct and was thinking of starting straight away then my Hubbies groomsman annouced they where getting married aboard in May, and my Hubbie is groomsman. Wanted to try but didnt know if it was fair.. After alot of thinking about it and some good advice from this forum we decided to let nature take its course and if it happened we would take it from there... We were very lucky and either conceived on my wedding nite or on Honeymoon... Which means I will be due 8 weeks after the wedding so will now be unable to fly. We have no regrets the Hubbie will go and I will stay with my mam... Since getting pregnant my brother and best friend have let us know they are getting married at the end of this year and early next year. If I had of waited and tried later it would have caused problems also for these weddings. Unfortunately there is always going to be something, so you need to go with what you both want as a couple. From my perspective we are delighted, especially the Hubbie and he has already said if their are any problems he has no problem not travelling.. Good Luck with your decision..
alanna Posts: 58
thanks so much to you both for your replies. Its so hard to know what to do in these situations. Shes such a good friend to me and i really dont want to let her down. I suppose i'll just have to wait and see , you are right though , no time will be a good time , there will always be somthing that has to be considered. Maybe i'll just let nature take its course and see what happens. Thanks again Alanna