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crazybride09 Posts: 56
Hi ladies, have found myself in an awkward situation and could do with some advice. My H2B has 2 brothers, 1 is best man and the other is reading at the wedding. H2Bs best friend is doing groomsman. I am having my 2 sisters as bms and have 2 brothers who are doing readings. Now we had planned on getting suits for H2B, 2 fathers, bm and gm, as we're on a really tight budget, not having 'official' ushers, but my brothers and h2b other brother will be greeting people. However today fmil asked could we get a suit for the other brother as 'he stood out in photos' at h2bs brothers wedding a few years ago. She has offered to pay for the suit, but now I think it's going to look strange having one at the back of the church in full suit and my brothers not. Also I'm worried he's going to be included in the bridal party photos by mistake and ruin my 'symmetry' of 2 bms, bm and gm! Am I just being silly if I ask can he just wear a nice suit - I think half the problem was what he wore at the other wedding! Any advice much appreciated!!
caitni2000 Posts: 434
Why don't you let him get a suit but no waistcoat, cravat and just a plain tie? I can understand where fmil is coming from, and sympathise with your budget. My cousins didn't have their brothers in proper suits for their weddings and i thought it could have been neater. I mean - if your BM's are in pink and your groom is wearing a black suit, cravat etc, can all the brothers who aren't involved in the wedding wear a black suit, white shirt and pink tie? Not as fancy as the official wedding party, but looks good in photos and helps them be a little part of the day. Our male wedding party are all wearing morning suits and my 2 brothers will be in standard black suits with a tie to match the wedding party.
crazybride09 Posts: 56
thanks for the reply caitni. This could work except, we're having brown suits, so if we were to ask all 3 to wear brown suits they'd have to go and buy them, otherwise we'd have to pay to rent/buy them, and there is no way we can afford it :o( seems like we can't win in any situation - either p mil off or put more financial stain on ourselves!