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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Hi girls for past couple of days I have been getting brown discharge (which gyne said would be normal after having some bleeding) but I am also getting brown spotting and sometimes a pale pink (kind or watery colour). I am due back to work tomorrow and well not sure if I should go back with me still getting this. Gyne told me to go to maternity if I got bleed again or pain which I have none of and ask for him. I am not sure if I should ring and tell them I am spotting. IT's there when I wipe. We saw the heartbeat on Wednesday and Thursday and gyne said things look good, that the sac was a good size and my dates are spot on but I can't help wonder why I am getting this discharge and spotting. Is it normal. Should I go back to work and keep and eye on it? Should a wait a few days to see if it disappears? Anyone?
MrsWigwam Posts: 558
LMS - im sure everything is fine, but defo give the Hospital a quick call and speak to someone in there to put your mind at ease, i work in a Maternity Hospital(im not a nurse now) but we get calls all the time from Pregnant ladies who are having concerns so i think you should defo give the Hospital a quick call.... As you said Gynae said all was fine on Thurs so im sure nothing to worry about.. but call for peace of mind as you'l just be worrying. Take Care :wv
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
Hi, as Mrs Wigwam said, give the hospital a call. They'll advise you what to do & if you're still not happy, go in. They'll scan you in the emergency room, you might have a bit of a wait though. Try not to worry, you had a healthy baby on your scan a few days ago so try and focus on that x
sunshiniest Posts: 303
LMS, If I was you I'd ring your doctor and get it checked out for peace of mind. I'd also see what your doctor thinks re: work. Making sure you and baby are healthy and happy is far more important than adding to the coffers of any company....