Advice on BM dresses - I'm clueless

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jinks Posts: 193
I have finally found my wedding dress and its kind of Champagne colour and im wondering what BM dress (colour wise) to get. I had my heart set on Silver but that was obviously before i bought the dress and Silver would be awful with it. I was thinking gold or Ivory but would that be very similiar - im sure i could put other colours with it to but could do with some advice. Also if your from the Cork area - where did you look to get BM dresses, i was going to go down the Dessy line but i'm having only one BM and both of us would like her to wear something different - any advice??
watchthisspace Posts: 591
How about brown or burnt orange? Maybe Sable or Taupe? Kind of autumn colours would go lovely with champagne. Will her dress be long or short?
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
My dress is light gold and my Bm are in Saffron a rusty orange colour watters dresses
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
[quote="May 08 Bride":17k089ef]My dress is light gold and my Bm are in Saffron a rusty orange colour watters dresses[/quote:17k089ef] And they stock Watters dresses in Bride2B in Mallow! All your problems solved!! :o0 I tried on a champagne colour in one of the first shops i went to and the woman there suggested jewel colours to go with it, i.e. deep purple, deep emerald green. I definitely think you'd need to take a swatch of colour with you tho, even the invory colour varies. Best of luck.
bbbride Posts: 664
Would go with rich tones, like the brown or burnt orange as well. Dusty pink also looks fab with it.