advice on buying wine up north?

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elle79 Posts: 212
Hi all! I hope you can help me. My wedding is in a few weeks time and we are trying to sort out the wines and prosecco right now. I have found some good deals up north - bennetts, asda, etc - but someone told me that we might be caught for excise duties or extra tax if we do this. Is that right? If anyone who has bought up north could let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Elle
goinloco Posts: 774
hiya elle, we bought all our wine -102 btls in sainsburys in newry. there was a limit on how much each person could buy so we just brought our parents with us. great value
Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
We are getting ours in Derrylin......already up there and took away samples and loved the wine...the guy we dealt with was very, very nice. It's called Blakes...depending on exchange rate they will work out at €5 a bottle plus if you know anyone that has an ROI vat number they take the Vat off and buy back any wine that is left the name off someone else that dealt with them for their wedding...hassle free.....i know my h2b's best friend with through Asda and had to go up a few times because it hadn't come in when they said it would be left in and he said they are left with boxes of wine after wedding too..not really a saving if you are left with loads of unused wine......also the guy there mentioned about Champagne bottles and the fact that they have bigger bottle than usual (maybe 3 litre?) so cuts down on the corkage.....we aren't getting champagne so didn't really ask anything more about it but would be smart idea for anyone that is buying champagne
elle79 Posts: 212
Hi goinloco! That's great, thanks! I'll go ahead so! Bride 27/8 - sounds intersting, I'll have a look at Derrylin online. Cheers!
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
Hey there We bought ours from Bennetts and it was delivered to our door with no extra costs, we paid the price that was advertised on the website plus £8 delivery cost per box. I'm sure if you ring Sean in Bennetts he will be able to advise you further, i'd say we bought ours last Feb or March :wv
abouttimebride Posts: 368
Bought ours in Bennets. We picked ours up as we are in Dublin but delivery was cheap I remember. We just carried it back - no problem with excise etc. Great service easy as. I would totally recommend them
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
i got mine in Sainsburys in Armagh. Got 60 bottles in total. 1st lot i got at 25% off and got the remainder at 2 for £7 with 5% off every 6 bottles. Think the 60 bottles came to roughly €198.
Elban26 Posts: 2458
I would also recommend Bennetts, super efficient service and low cost on good wines.
joker Posts: 2789
Makro in Belfast is like the Musgraves of the South. The off licence is open to the public. Normally great savings!
Quinn2be2010 Posts: 205
Hi we got our wine from Asada in Newry. It was halfprice but they also had an offer on at the time were if you buy more than 6 bottles you get a further 25% off. We bought 92 bottles in total and it worked out roughly at 3euro a bottle. Here the wine is selling at 12euro a bottle.