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corkmarriedgirl Posts: 147
Hi All, LO is 2 weeks old. I started her on Cow and Gate ( recommeded by Nurse in hospital). She was very unsettled on it from the start...bring up a lot of feeds, unsettled @ night. Last Friday the phn suggested changing to the comfort range of Cow and Gate but her wind has gotten even worse. She is in much more discomfort that she was before So my question is has anyone ever found that the comfort rabge caused even more discomfort?? Am thinking of switching brands...but unsure of what brand to go for. Lastly...has anybody any experience of the infacol drops??? Thanks
ttc2012 Posts: 661
My friend had similar problem, the comfort formula actually constapated her DS. She eventually got Aptimil and it was fine
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
sorry to hear you are having a hard time of it, my sister used infacol and immediately noticed a huge difference with her baby and wind, they previously walked the floor with him used white noise slumber bear the lot and the infacol worked wonders its worth a shot x
hipbaby Posts: 4530
It could me a milk protein intolerance as comfort didn't agree with dd1 either :o( You could try a lacto free type?
SparkleX Posts: 1057
I would defo recommend the infacol drops. They helped us. I on the other hand switched from Aptamil to Cow & Gate Comfort and that worked. What teats are you using? Sometimes baby might be getting milk too slowly/quickly which can cause problems too. We switched to Dr Brownes bottles & along with the new milk had a happy baby again
febs Posts: 16
I had exactly the same problem with cow and gate, changed to SMA gold and there was an instant improvement- hardly any wind and a happy baby. I have used infacol in the past and found it brilliant. Sounds like you need to change formula first before trying infacol etc.
Moodles Posts: 547
I switched to a comfort and it worked for me, but my next step was going to be a lactose free formula. The comfort formula is very thick so you need to switch teat sizes on bottle as well.
E B Posts: 276
We used to pace the floors too in the first few weeks due to wind. It would take longer to wind her than she would take to drink the bottle. We tried all the formulas but eventually tried the Dr Brown Bottles with the blue tube down the middle and she changed overnight. No more wind(or at least no more discomfort from wind). We settled on the Aptamil formula too.