advice on neck and shoulder end of tether :(

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mamabrod Posts: 830
Girls, any ideas on how to treat neck and shoulder pain while pregnant? its muscular pain but it gets so bad I am in tears and getting really down :( i can only go out for 2 hours before having to come home and lie down and get DH to massage it for me. I cant take nurofen or anything which usually helps, have been to physio which isnt helping, they just said watch my posture BS! :weep i need something to get rid of pain? any recommendations? i was thinking of trying acupuncture, if anyone has any tips i would really appreciate them as i am getting really down and not enjoying my pregnancy because of it :o(
temperence Posts: 136
It sounds like a trapped nerve, I used to get it from sitting at a till all day when I was younger. Can you use those localised heat patches? If its just on one side, maybe something like this could help? [img:3g07w5ub][/img:3g07w5ub]
mamabrod Posts: 830
Thanks for that Temperence, I am trying something similar to that at mo....will let u know how it goes, its only on one side alright....its so annoying tho, making me so irritable :o(
punkybrewster Posts: 290
Oh Broodylicious you poor thing :xxx Is this just a pregnancy related thing or is it something you had before? Sounds horrible.. I'm sure you have, but have you tried paracetamol? Or a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel? All temporary measures but I can;t think of anything else.. Hope it improves for you x
mamabrod Posts: 830
Thanks punky brewster, am trying both of those at mo but would love some strong drugs!!! pain is really bad :o( had car accident a few yrs ago and hurt it in that but would be fine just the odd flare up but its shocking bad last couple of weeks, think due to extra strain of pregnancy :o(
lcarrick Posts: 1639
i was gonna say physio? but thats not helping ya :(
jen2 Posts: 3106
Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. There are some pain killers that you can take when pregnant if pain is unbearable. On last daughter I had kidney stones so was put on oxynorm for pain relief. It's from the opium / morphine family. You could also get a phentenol patch. It's a 72 hour slow pain release patch. Your doctor will probably be reluctant to prescribe it. Dr Ray Victory is a pain medicine specialist. He was brought in to deal with me. He is excellent. Looks after mum & baby's interest. I don't know sick effects etc. I was on large doses, so my Dd2 had some withdrawals. But you would need to talk to doc. Hope that helps you. Not trying to push the idea on you. Just wanted let you know there are things you can take, but only with strict supervision and only is doc thinks it's needed & safe for baby. Hope you find some relief soon.