Advice on storing wedding dress

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b2bs12 Posts: 42
Hi, I recently bought my wedding dress at a sale which ment it was mine there and then the problem is im not to sure how to store it as weddings not till sept nxt year, the girl in the shop told me to wrap it in a white bed sheet and put it back in the plastic cover but i went onto the internet to look for other options and i saw that its not good to store it in plastic. Im not sure what way to store it now, any advice. Thanks P
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Keep dress in a dark room and buy a bag on line, special wedding dress holders bags..I bought mine 15 months and had it on my mil's house and twas grand in the wardrobe for the 15 months..
b2bs12 Posts: 42
Are they the white bags that you get the dresses in when you buy it in the shop, thats the one i have and wonder if its the right one