Advice on Tax Credits when on Maternity Leave

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CHICKEN1 Posts: 224
I was due back to work at the beginning of October after maternity leave and have availed of additional unpaid time off. My husbands Accountant advised that i transfer my credits to him from when my employer ceased paying me which has happened. I have spoken to my employer who has advised that I will be back on payroll again in November and wonder do I need to call the Revenue towards the end of October in order to have this reversed again as not too familar with all of this?. Also I presume that my husband will then go back to the higher bracket of tax that he was paying at ? Will he have any additional tax to pay then? Also has anyone received a tax rebate when they returned from maternity leave and if so is there certain documentation you fill in or does your employer look after this side of things you. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :yelrotflmaosmilie:
theoracle Posts: 7664
I wouldn't bother transferring your credits back until next year as you are only starting In october and will be way below the threshold anyhow, uit will not impact you, but yes your dh would pay more. If you are not getting an autmatic refund through PAYE (you would notice this through higher pay cheques obviously), apply for a balancing statement P21 in january 2012. You can request a P21 either via PAYE online or by writing a letter to your local tax office.
iuil1999 Posts: 172
This really depends on whether your employer paid you while you were on maternity leave or not. If so, you may need your tax credits so I wouldn't transfer them at all! Maternity benefit is tax free but any income you may have received from your employer should have been taxed so you would have used some of your credits. It also depends on when you went on maternity leave. I'm assuming you started in March so therefore you would have some credits used at the start of the year too. I would contact Revenue if I were and they will work it out for you!