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gideon Posts: 453
Hi every strapless bra I try on doesnt seem to give me the support I want, Ive tried debenhams and Marks and spencers, gravity seems to be going against me. Would an all in one give more support? Or can anyone recommend a good lingerie shop Thanks
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
have you gone to peaches and cream i am a 38H and she had strapless bras there that gave me good support and she also gave some great advice be warned though shop is small one changing room and is very busy on weekend i went in during week had place to myself for 40 minutes or so just me mum and sinead the girl in the shop
na Posts: 117
what about a basque that sits down onto your waist and gives good support under the boobs?
gideon Posts: 453
thanks girls Ill try both
Barbalou Posts: 1617
Got my underwear from peaches and cream, while they're very friendly there they really don't cater for 38 upwards, I know someone posted about getting a 38H, but I'm about the same and found the selecton limited, they had a bigger selection of the same stuff in BT's and they measured you there (BT's) properly. She does have a lovely if limited selection and very pleasent to deal with.
gideon Posts: 453
Im only a 34C but they just seem to be drawn down and are very unflattering in the strapless bra think the basque might lift em a bit
Gabby Posts: 2873
I second peaches and cream. I am 34DD and I got a lovely strapless bra in there. Just wondering what kind of dress you have. mine is boned and it looks like I might not have to wear a bra at all as it seems to fit perfectly giving them a lift and everything but bought the bra just in case I wanted to wear it later that day. Just check if you need one with the dress first ya never know
gideon Posts: 453
Unfortunatly the advised to get a bra, Ill check out peaches and cream
MammyC Posts: 3621
I found this one ( in white ) quite good. I have 34DD and there is no way a strpless bra would work for me ever! this one seemed good, I still havent worn it for a long time without the shoulder straps but it did hoist them up there and was quite comfy. HTH :wv
birdie Posts: 954
Girls just wondering where Peaches and Cream is???