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bridespring2014 Posts: 112
Quick question re colours. Bridesmaids are turquoise with pale pink (turquoise is deep and vibrant bluey green). Would a deep purple mob outfit look ok? Slightly deeper than Cadbury. Wedding is spring so am I mixing autumn winter colours with spring summer? I know that u have to go with what suits over matching colours but I don't want it looking a bit off IYKWIM!!
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
This is one of those things you will look back on after the wedding and laugh at yourself for worrying about! I think the mob like all guests should go with what suits them and not be worrying about the bridesmaids colours etc. At a spring wedding you expect to see lots of beautiful colours and no one will be comparing or commenting that the mob 'clashes' with the bm's. You can only really worry about the actual bridal party in terms of groomsmen and bridesmaids, if you go beyond that you will just get yourself stressed out.
atina Posts: 2240
+ 1 it honestly wont mean anything on the day! I would let her get whatever colour she is going to feel most happiest and comfortable in
bridespring2014 Posts: 112
Thanks for replies... Yeah that's what I will do so, ask her which outfit she loves most and go with that. The purple one def made her look a million dollars and she deserves nothing less.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Your bridesmaids colours sound fab! I honestly wouldn't worry about your Mam matching the bridesmaids, I really don't think that is the done thing anymore. Hope you pop up a wedding report so I can drool over your bms colours in real life!!
bridespring2014 Posts: 112
Will do! Will give me something to keep the post wedding blues at bay!!
Bickie Posts: 37
I think those colours would be gorgeous together! I often match turquoise with purple, I think they work really well together. Plus I'd say your photographer will love the bold colours! But definitely go with what suits your Mam - after all she won't be in that many photos with the full bridal party so it won't really matter then, and these things are only really noticed in the pics after anyway!
popps Posts: 8
Bridespring2014 I think we could be bridal twins!!Getting married next spring myself and have chosen exactly the same colours for my bridesmaids.Just wondering what colour shoes your bridesmaids are wearing?Struggling big-time wt that one!!
bridespring2014 Posts: 112
I'm am having my girls in turquoise dresses with pale pink shoes, wraps, flowers and umbrellas (hopefully the latter isn't required)!!!!
nuttybride Posts: 594
yeah I wouldnt worry, you cant expect everyone to coordinate with your colours. my BM are in navy and my mother is in black/gold - I dont care. People shouldnt lose their individuality at a wedding either and should be able to wear colours that suit them etc. Dont worry about it, there are bigger things to be concerned about, like what flavour cake to have :yelrotflmaosmilie: