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jamiek Posts: 20
Hi girls i've went annonymous as I know my bridal shop uses this site. My dress still hasnt arrived in and i've 3 weeks to go. They've already told me its gonna be too short as they didnt allow for me being so tall and told me to buy lower heels. The bm dresses have already come in and they are too short so the girls have to wear flats. Now I wouldnt mind wearing flats, but 1) my posture is bad so I need a heel to make me stand straighter and 2)ive already bought fabulous shoes that I want to wear. I did tell the lady when I was ordering it that I was tall and she told me not to worry that they all come in long. but when I went back to try on the sample dress last week (bms dresses had come in and i tried sample on to see what we looked like), the sample dress was too short and thats when she copped it. i think its a HUGE mistake Do you know what comeback I have??? Im already freaked out it isnt in yet. My weight hasnt changed much so Im confident it will fit me (hopefully), but the length is what has me panicked. anyways i'll shut up waffling. But if you girls have any advice, it would be muchly appreciated. Thanks, xx
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Can you post a pic of your dress? Is it lace or another material. Could you add an inch of material to the bottom or maybe some tulle coming out the end to add length and make it look like it's supposed to be like that? Have you considered buying off the rack elsewhere and trying to get your money back? Have you paid all of the money? I wouldn't part with another penny until they came up with a solution - and tell you to wear flats is NOT a solution! O:| O:| O:| You poor thing - you really don't need this 3 weeks before your wedding! :action32
irie Posts: 217
Hi Jamiek, Thats terrible that they are putting you under so much stress coming up to your big day. I'm not sure what you can do about your dress, unless you look for a new off the rails dress or a sample from another shop. I had a similar problem but it was only the bridesmaid dress so it wasn't the end of the world if we couldn't get it sorted, lucky enought we had enought time to get a rush order on a new one. I'm wondering if it is the same shop because from what I have heard it happens alot in this particular shop! O:| O:| I know that if you did decide to look for another dress you are entitled to get all your deposit back because they did not supply you with up to standard goods. Would you mind pming me the name of the shop incase its the same one
jamiek Posts: 20
thanks for the replies girls. i'll try pm you a pic of the dress as my bridal shop will know its me. and i've been onto them constantly to check and see if the dress is in. its a very plain dress so Im sure I could find another one and have looked the buy and sell on here and have seen a couple of lovely ones, so im sure i could get a replacement. I just dont see why its arriving so late. they know the date of my wedding. they havent mentioned anything bout the bm dresses really, but they will have to refund me the money for their shoes so i can go out and buy nice flats. they told me its nice to show off shoes, but i dont want to show off my shoes. i want the dress long, the way i expected it to be and would have paid for extra length if i knew it was an issue. i've paid most of the money, but with consumer rights, would i be due back a full refund on all the dresses?? oh the joys, i knew everything was running too smoothly haha. will pm you both. thanks again :thnk
irie Posts: 217
You are definitely due back a full refund if the goods you purchased do not meet the standard you paid for, once the shop measures you for the dress this means they have taken responsibility to supply you with a dress that fits the measurements taken. It sounds very much like the shop I delt with, making excuses saying the full length fish tail dress we ordered was supposed to be short in order to show off the shoes >:o(
irie Posts: 217
Thats not the same place as me, so I hope they will be easier to deal with. Have the assistants come up with any suggestions regarding alteration? The dress is lovely and part of its charm is its simplicity so I'm not sure if adding material would work but it could be worth a try asking the advice off a good dressmaker if you know any. It might be no harm having a look round other bridal shops and see if they have anything you like just incase the problem cant be rectified. My biggest worry at the moment is the fact that it isn't in yet so it isn't leaving you with much time for alterations if they are possible.
jamiek Posts: 20
I know, I'd say they are sh**tting themselves in case it comes in too short. Please god it comes in today as im away the wkd and need to get this sorted before I go. I'll keep you updated. Oh if they rang me now, Id beg to leave work and run over and try it on, just so I know whether I have to go dress hunting again.
teatimebride Posts: 754
Just for the record, I think it's appalling that they are TELLING YOU what shoes YOU have to wear on YOUR wedding day just coz they effed up! If it is too short and you need to get flats, they should be giving you a fabulous pair for free IMO! So mad for you! O:|
buddylove Posts: 3288
Thats ludicrous that the shop tells you to get flat shoes!! They messed up here not you!! Hope it gets sorted for you and it all works out.. Keep us posted
jamiek Posts: 20
thats it teatime bride. I did mention my height when ordering it. My sisters are taller than me and oh sister is small so she should have noticed the difference. O:| O:| I just rang them and they said it should be in 2moro. If its not, I'll crack up as my friend has a suprise trip planned for the wkd so I wont be about until monday and my holidays with work are all taken up with the wedding so me having to take extra time is gonna be a nitemare. oh the drama. hopefully i'll be only getting married once as I couldnt go through all this again, haha.