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Peety Posts: 1588
We had our menu tasting and have to decide by next Wednesday but we've a disagreement on the starter: Starters: A vol au vent of chicken or Warm tart of feta cheese & med veg, (I want tart, H2B wants vol au vent) Soup: Wild mushroom and truffle soup Mains: Marinated stuffed breast of chicken or Pan roasted seabass (We've agreed on these 2!) Dessert: Toffee, nut & banana tart (more than likely this, if not Warm Apple & rhubarb crumble) Any opinions or advice?
miabella Posts: 212
hi peety (again) feta cheese & med veg tart sounds delish mmmmmm but then again lots of people dont like feta cheese.But u can't please everyone. It's also different & very of your menu sounds yummy. Just a small bit of advice though your dessert sounds gorgeous(toffee banana & nut tart) to me but alot of people are funny about nuts & bananas,think u might be safer with crumble......but then again who wants to be safe :o0
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Personally I wouldn't be mad about either starter but would have a few bites of them! I hate mushrooms so definitely wouldn't like the soup. The mains sound nice - I would definitely go with the fish. Actually just thinking, it might not be great to have a chicken starter and chicken main because people may end up having chicken followed by chicken! I think the desert sounds lovely - sounds like a version of banoffi. But in thinking of my family, particularly the older ones, I think the crumble would be a more favoured desert. I'd gobble either though!! :o0
cindarellawoman Posts: 390
Your menu sounds yummyyyyyyy!! I would go with the tartlet and the banana desert, thk you need to please yourself and your H2B....its a personal choice and as the other girl said, you can never please everyone!!
madhairday Posts: 1116
sounds lovely, both starters are lovely i would go for the feta cheese one :o)ll
mrsmcdreamy Posts: 880
personally id prefer the vol au vent. id eat the other option though if i was stuck. like the way youve chicken on your mains. generally people dont, but id love it. id def prefer the crumble for desert.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Def the feta cheese and veg (coz I am a veg :o0 ) Absolutly LOVE mushrooms but h2b HATES them (Ive completly turned him off them!) so he wouldnt be a happy guest! Have you a veggie option for mains? And the banana dessert sounds yum although the crumble might be a safer option incase anyone has a nut allergy? Or you could have the option of the crumble for them but just put the banana one on the menu if you get me?
candypants Posts: 8575
Id prefer voulavounts for starter, not so sure about that soup, and main sounds yum, love apple tart for dessert.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
personally I'd eat the vol but I think that they are a bit boring Would prefer the feta tart.
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
[quote="Peety":2txkhr8m] Starters: A vol au vent of chicken or Warm tart of feta cheese & med veg, (I want tart, H2B wants vol au vent)[/quote:2txkhr8m] Tart. Vol au vents are very, erm, 1980s! They are also hard to get right and usually end up soggy. [quote="Peety":2txkhr8m]Soup: Wild mushroom and truffle soup[/quote:2txkhr8m] Lots of people do not eat mushrooms so I would not have this. Go with something neutral. [quote="Peety":2txkhr8m]Dessert: Toffee, nut & banana tart (more than likely this, if not Warm Apple & rhubarb crumble)[/quote:2txkhr8m] I would have the apple and rhubarb crumble. From my experience in catering, men like apple tart/crumble and will eat it even if they don't usually go for dessert. Bananas are like mushrooms, quite a lot of people do not eat them. For older people nuts and toffee can be a problem with false teeth, I know it sounds ridiculous but it's very true and I've come across it on numerous occasions.