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ulimonster Posts: 29
Some advise girls.. i have had very strong and painful BH or contractions for the past 20 hours. Altough they movedfurther apart at one point they have mostly been about 15 minutes apart and they are very painful. I just cant decide if its the spd making them this bad or not. I have also had some of my show/ plug in the last 3 days and am very breathless for the past 20ish hours as well and am starting to feel a bit lost. Oh and bump is constantly tender even between tightenings, I feel somewhat like someone has bruised me black and blue inside by ow and down beow feels..tight and stretched if that even makes sense. I really do not want to land in hospital for no good reason again and i definitey do not want a big hospital stay. I am however unable to sleep due to this and IF its early labour (only 35+2) I really should go in. So, should i call cumh (who will, from experience, tell me to come in) or should i not and try to ignore it?
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
I'd go in or at the very least I'd call
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
I would give them a call to be on the safe side and see, it may be best to get checked out in the long run, i think with you having a show. Hope all is ok.
lolly2010 Posts: 707
Id definitely give them a call and explain everything, they will probably ask you to come in and get checked out. Hope alls ok :action32