Advice please for newbie considering ICSI abroad

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princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
Hi girls, we had tests done in SIMS and discovered DH has low sperm count and low motility and we were told we would need ICSI. It came as a big shock as we already have a child together. Unfortunately, costs are too high for us to be able to do it here so we are considering going abroad. Can any of you tell me where you went, how you found the whole experience, what exactly was involved (did you need tests/scans/bloods etc done here?), how successful was it, did you find it more stressful than if you had done it here and how much approx. does it cost (including anything you need to have done here first, meds etc). Would be grateful for any info you could give me.
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Hey Princess Tinkerbell, if you look up Rollercoster Gennet Girls you will find an amazing support network for ICSI in Prague its a very busy forum I am still on it since 2012 a lot of suppurt and expertise, after 4 years of messing around in Ireland I plucked up the courage to go abroad to get my long awaited baby, I went to Prague Gennet in Sept/Oct 2013. The clinic was quieter then as far as I know there is a waiting list at the mo. but time flies just get your name down. At that time I think €3500 covered every thing, from the Irish side, Meds/Scans/Bloods/ ECG. Flights (Flexi Aer Lingus) Accommodation (6 nights) ICSI no hidden costs all in was €1900. Prague have upped their prices now to €2300 for ICSI as standard I think. all the extras are your choice, Embryoglue is really popular at the mo about €189 extra. If you are lucky to get some extra embryos and they get to day 5 (blasts) you will be offered two types of freezing the old fashion cryo freezing is included but if you want the newish form of freezing its a littel extra but the thaw rate is excellent so worth the money. When I went in 2013 I knew very little and just went with what they suggested which was only €1900. Very very best of luck! Now in saying all that there are loads of ways of building up mens sperm count, littel changes to life style can make all the difference would be no harm in you doing research on upping sperm count while waiting for ICSI it could very well happen
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Another vote for Gennet here, our 1st cycle with them last Feb/March and I'm now 27 weeks pregnant, they are streets ahead of irish clinics and being away totally take away a lot of the stress. I second going on the thread on roller coaster, super super amount of info and support there. Our issues were MFI also so don't lose hope hun, our 1st wee man is from our 1st ICSI in HARI and this wee bundle on board is our Gennet miracle. Wishing you lots and lots of babydust on your journey :babydust: :babydust:
blairbear Posts: 431
Another vote for Gennet here! Back in 2013 when we were told ivf would be the next step I had a few consultations with clinics in dublin and was being quoted almost 7k so began to look into going abroad. Looked on the thread on rollercoaster like mrs2b and suitcase and it's an absolute mine of info! There's a guide to Gennet which I was able to show dh and convince him to go for a consultation. We had a consult in march 2014, cycled in April and had dd on the 1st of Jan this yr. Going over again in Oct please god. We also did the whole thing for 3500e all in. 1900 for the ICSI and then flights, accommodation, meds, scans at home, blood tests here and spending money for prague. The experience was so much better than my experience of clinics in Ireland. They're much busier now but they have a new thing whereby u can bypass the long waiting list by doing the package via their new dublin office. It's 2500 including scans in babyscan and u meet with a coordinator in dublin (katerina- she's sooo lovely!). They have a patient form on their website with all the bloods you'll need done beforehand. After your consultation the doctor may require more or may request a hysteroscopy which I had done privately on vhi the cycle before we went. Most bloods can be done in your gp. If babyscan doesn't suit location-wise for scans u can just organise them yourself. Some gps do them or there are private companies. All in all I found it less stressful going abroad than dealing with my previous clinic. I will say they are really busy now so trying to get info out of the coordinators this time I'm finding way harder and the reply time is much slower but I've plenty of time so that doesn't bother me. Preference is always given to those who have started their cycles. I'm hoping to get over for our next cycle for under 4000. Like mrs2b said the prices have gone up slightly and I'm sitting here waiting for aer lingus to have a sale so I can book flights so if there's no sale that will push up the cost closer to 4k but all in all still a way better experience. You get to wander around beautiful prague while trying in vain to distract yourself from thinking about how your embryos are developing!:) Best of luck with wherever you choose. Also for dh- healthy lifestyle, no smoking, no drinking and stock up on some supplements. My dh was taking maca tablets before we went last time to help his swimmers. Lots n lots of **BABYDUST**
blairbear Posts: 431
I really should stop singing their praises- this is exactly why they're so busy now and can't reply to emails quickly lol! ;) ;P
princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
Thanks for all the info girls - will get on over to Rollercoaster :)
moodyland Posts: 3
Hi, I have no dir experiences, but have read positive reviews and commenst on clinics in Czech rep, Poland and Norway