Advice please - heartbeat check at GP

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snow queen Posts: 153
Hi girls I am 9 weeks pregnant and have my first ante natal appnt with the obstetrician when I am 15 weeks. It seems like forever away at the moment so I'm wondering if there is any other way to check everything is ok like get my GP to check the heartbeat at 12 weeks? I am a bit clueless so wondering if GP can check heartbeat , do all GPs have the equipment or would I need to ask receptionist? Thanks for any advice girls, I think like everyone else out there I am just anxious as hell that all is ok and even though it only a couple of weeks in the difference it seems like a lifetime to wait!!! Snow Queen
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
Hi snowqueen, it was my experience that the GP is very reluctant to check for the heartbeat early. mine wont do it as poicy to 20 weeks, at 18 weeks i was sure he would try for me, but wouldnt, he just said it saved a lot of worry because their equiptment isnt as sensitive as hospital stuff. I asked and got the consultant to check at 14 weeks and although he warned it was early, we heard it loud and clear! so in answer to your question, your gp could be different, but your best bet would prob be with the consultant. i know its hard to relax, i too was a worrier. if all else fails you could always get a private scan?
bree Posts: 1880
Hi there, know what u mean re.time period when u see no one..can be soo annoying. i went to [email protected] & she was unable to pick anything up & advised i come bak a wk later i did so ( & think i was closer to 15wks cos was the day b4 xmas eve) anyhow..she still didnt pick up a heartbeat.... it left me panicked& anxious so all id say is beware.. it can make u feel worse............ We have our first scan [email protected] cant wait & luckily iv felt movement in past week so have my reassurance in that otherwise would be a nervous wreck! Good luck with everything
pluto Posts: 3893
Hi Snow Queen My GP was able to pick up the heartbeat with a doppler when I was just over 13 weeks. She warned me that I might not hear anything, but I had had a scare over the previous weekend, so she went ahead with it to see if I could get some reassurance. It was picked up loud and clear, but there is a chance that it might not be picked up if you go to your GP. I know the wait is very hard though. Maybe just make an appointment with your GP for around that time, and see what happens? It wouldn't do any harm to get a check up anyway, and if she's okay to go ahead with the doppler at that stage, then great. Or like someone else said, get a scan privately. Do you have an Early Pregnancy Unit in your hospital that you could book an ultrasound?
newly_wed Posts: 1039
Snowqueen, I like you didn't want to wait til my first apppoint with the consultant at almost 15 weeks to make sure everything is ok with babs, so I went ahead myself and booked a private scan in Mount Carmel this Wed (I'll b 11 wks at that stage). I am not attending Mount Carmel as a patient but I was able to book a scan there no problem and they were lovely on the phone. You don't need a letter from the doc or anything. HTH :thnk
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I have a doppler at home and first picked up the heartbeat with this pregnancy at 9 weeks, so it is possible (depending on baby's position) to pick it up.....however, I think you'll find that most GPs don't like to try so early as it can be difficult to pick up, and can leave you panicking if they don't find it. Can you phone your GP and ask if they do it before you go in, so at least you'll know, and won't be disappointed if they don't try?
mrscat Posts: 1082
I would second the doppler reassurance, my GP wasn't keen to check the hearbeat so early, so I bought a doppler and picked up the heartbeat after some tips here at 13 weeks which was great as we told everyone afterwards.
snow queen Posts: 153
Thanks girls for all the replies and advice, really appreciate it. It's interesting to hear that GPs are not too keen on checking so early - at least I won't be too disappointed if I ask mine anyway. I can see that it could lead to more panic than anything else. I might check out the private scan option at Mt Carmel. I'm sure DH thinks I am just being really impatient as he is more laid back than me! He can't see the problem in waiting another couple of weeks but it seems like a lifetime to me!!! Bree and Newly_wed - I hope both your scans go well