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lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
We currently live in a 2 bedroomed apartment that is very central, very close to town. We would like to move to some place bigger before baby comes (due in January) because we need another room. I'd also LOVE a garden, even a small one. I know I won't have time to look after a garden much when baby comes but I'd love the option of being able to sit outside when the weather is warm (we live abroad!) and have a bit of freedom that way. I'd also just like more space, I don't want to live anywhere cramped with a baby. Only thing is (and here comes the dilemma) where we live it seems to be near impossible to get an apartment or house with a garden that is close to town. To have a garden I'd have to move outside town. Also to get somewhere spacious in town is tricky and very expensive. We would get a car but it would just be way more hassle. At the moment I walk 5 minutes and am in town and live very close to friends. My worry is that if we move away I'll be living in a lovely place with my lovely garden but will be really lonely cause I can't get into town to meet friends...... What would you do. Give up the idea of a garden and stay in town or move to somewhere with lots more space? What would be more important to you with a small baby? P.S. I'll be taking a year of mat leave if that makes any difference..... Thanks in advance for replies, this dilemma is really doing my nut!!
Chocolate cream Posts: 14
Hey, I would stay put if I was you. While the idea of more room and a garden is lovely, realistically you could end up feeling isolated in a new area. I'm 13 miles away from family and friends and even though its just a 30 minute drive, I may as well be abroad some days. When your central, you can visit a local park, meet your friends for lunch and have your support system close by. Maybe in a few years when the baby is toddling around, space will be more of an issue then! Best of luck!
Wifelet Posts: 294
Do you friends close by have kids or at home during the day? That can be a huge difference in how good the company can be. Personally, I loved being central for the frist year. Babies dont need allot of space at frist and are happy out and about in their prams. Loved wandering up town to meet friends for a coffee/ get a few bits for dinner. It was when my LO got on her feet we really felt the need for more space. Now that she's a toddler she has mountains of toys and it would be lovely to have more indoor and outdoor space for her to play in. Plus we had her in our room for the first 8 months and now we have moved her into the only other bedroom we have therefore we dont have a proper spare room for guests.
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
Thanks Wifelet. That's great advice. Will definitely take it on board. Swaying more towards staying in town now but getting a slightly bigger place ;)
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Personally I would stay put for a little longer. You still have a spare room where you are so its not as if you have no space at all for baby and all the bits and pieces. I made the move from town to country and although I love my house and garden and the quiet there is always a part of me that would love to move back to my home town where I would be more central and have more access to my friends and family. I have baby no. 2 on the way and it would be great to able to walk to places instead of driving everywhere. My poor hubby has done so much to make our house to what I want but he knows (although sometimes he thinks I am joking) that if we win the lotto I'm moving us to my home town :o0
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Studies show that people who live in smaller spaces, closer to work/amenities, are happier than those who live further away in bigger spaces. I would stay put as well. You'll have so much more freedom where you are. You probably won't need another bedroom until baby is about 6 months anyway.
mamasarus Posts: 831
Just my tuppance worth but I currently live in a 2 bed apartment with a toddler and I can really see your dilemma. If I were you I would be leaning towards more space & a garden and try and get a car. I know you say it'd be more hassle, but if a car is a possibility too then that's what i'd go for. I really felt very couped up at time being at home with a small baby and not being able to go outside. I hated that if i wanted some fresh air i couldnt just sit out a back garden but had to pack everything up and head for a park, coffee shop etc., And they arent small for very long ! When babies start to move about, i think more space would have been a Godsend. Especially at night time, a spare bedroom would have made a big difference to our lives. Also, do you have much storage space where you are now? Babies come with lots of toys and gifts and take up so much space. Although i do see your argument for staying put, and being in an apartment with a small baby is quite handy as everything is so close. Plus being close to family & friends is also vital, and you really dont want to end up isolated so that is a good point. But I'd have loved more space. Best of luck with it all !