advice please on dress for friends wedding?

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curliwurli Posts: 3369
hi ladies any help or advice would be really appreciated!! one of my best friends is getting married in a few weeks time and I only have one dress that still fits me these days, can anyone advise on what sort of cover up, bags, shoes etc I might put with it? I keep thinking everyone else is going to be so much more colourful and summery looking but all I can think of is black shoes, black bag and maybe a black pashmina but it's not a funeral I'm going to!!! :-8 [img:1v9lnn9o][/img:1v9lnn9o]
LittleMissPMA Posts: 482
Either pink shoes, bag, wrap or purple shoes, bag wrap it'll brighten it up, you could even get a small fasinator in which ever colour too, try debenhams
jarashow Posts: 3083
Pink, Cream or Orange maybe? Cream would be very easy to find something for your hair and a bag and wrap, then you could just use black shoes you have.
curliwurli Posts: 3369
thanks for the advice, I would never have thought of some of those colours, I used to be able to dress myself quite well :o( I had thought of cream first of all but when I put a cream bag against the dress it didn't really work as the white parts on the dress are very white IYKWIM but then I don't really like white bags or shoes plus I would never wear them again.
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
How about.... Grey patent shoes, like the ones above, or maybe a peep toe. A bag like this, maybe add a few pink buttons to pink it up And then a hair piece with pink, grey and black and a pink wrap
curliwurli Posts: 3369
thanks very much, i would have never thought of grey, and they happen to only have those shoes in my size, aaggh so tempted!!!