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Gone2007 Posts: 4182
Don't know if I can bear to type this again so I am just going to quote myself from another thread I posted on: [quote:27hqwilb]Ok I'm getting veeeery stressed now. To recap my cycle is usually about 32 days but has been known to go to 39 days once in a very blue moon. Like I said, we had been a bit careless but the time i'm really concerned about was day 7. I tested day 35 with First Response and it was negative but I'm up to day 37 now and no sign. If I did concieve 30 days ago surely my levels would be high enough to show on a test by now? I'm overanlysing every twinge so at this stage I don't know what's real and what's not, but I don't have sore boobs, I'm not feeling quesy or noticing smells, my back was incredibly sore the other night but could have been from sitting at the PC all day. I have had slight cramping the last couple of days but at this point I'm so conscious of my uterus I'm probably getting phantom pains. What I do know for definate is I am not PMSing, when I'd normally be a demon for the past week. H2B reckons at this stage he'd love to see me be a bit psychotic! So do ye think I might be up the Damien?? Sorry if my points are very dumbass, as we are not ttc I'm not very aware of a lot of these things. And also sorry if it is disrespectful to the ladies who are ttc, but I really don't want to be knocked up now![/quote:27hqwilb]
Mrs Darcee Posts: 188
Hi Magpie, Maybe your worrying about it too much? Easier said then done I know! But you might be stressing yourself out which will cause yor body to be all over the place. I had a friend recently in a similar position convinced she was pregnant and in a total state and it was a false alarm. Try to relax a bit and I bet things will work out fine :) take care, Mrs D
MTMR Posts: 788
If you really can't wait why not go to the doctor, they can check a number of different ways to see if you are pregnant and don't simply rely on the tests like we do.
Gone2007 Posts: 4182
False alarm!!! Thanks for the advice!!