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January Baby Posts: 1427
Hi Girls, Posted this in TTC too but wondering if any of you pregnant ladies can help me? I'm so frustrated & pi$$ed off at the moment. I'm currently on day 36 of my cycle which I consider late, usually get AF between day 29-35, although I did have one cycle of CD38 this was back in March. I've no usual signs of AF, have done 3 pg tests which all came up BFN Anyone have any suggestions of what is going on???? Myself & DH are confused! - 3rd month TTC I'm thinking of starting to temp from next cycle to help me,
Delish Posts: 4176
Hey I know this is a long shot, but maybe you have conceived but the sperm may have hit the egg later than you suspect, so you are at an earlier stage and therefore not alot of the pregnancy hormone is in your system yet. Have you tried the clear blue digital in the morning? Are you experiencing hot flushes? My first symptoms were hot flushes, thirst and sore boobs. Keep testing. Check out the how pregnancy occurs post in ttc, I put that up this evening as I thought it was amazing that the sperm could sit there for 6 days before hitting the egg. Fingers crossed for you