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nicky987 Posts: 94
My wedding dress is champagne colour and we are still undecisive of wedding colour scheme. we were thinking of a colbat blue royal blue colour with silver? do you think this would look ok with the wedding dress?? thanks in advance
fumoir2009 Posts: 367
not really sure about silver and champage- but I would have to seee it as it may look ok? but thats just my opinion :-) Good luck with the planning!
nicky987 Posts: 94
the dress is alfred angelo 1134 i dont know how to add a pic im afraid.
Weddingloon Posts: 445
Not too sure the silver and champagne would go really. Sorry. I'll look up the dress though! Dark pinky colours seem to go well with champagne?
summersurprise Posts: 1276
Beautiful Dress, though I only seen it in Ivory, so am not much help. Though I have a tint of gold in my mind for the champagne colour and Silver & blue with that im not sure, im thinking a green would go well with it. :wv
Nemo79 Posts: 932
My dress was cream and I had colbalt blue for BM's and it was lovely together. I dont think this would work well with champagne, sorry. My friend had champagne and her BM was in brown and this was lovely. Another post suggested the pink and I think this might be nice as well. best of luck :wv
nicky987 Posts: 94
thanks for the advice, think im gonna have to go back to the shop and look at the dress again cos i thought it looked just like ivory to me but maybe i was wrong. will re check
Princess Lisa Posts: 379
I think chocolate/bronze or olive green would look lovely with Champagne :wv
chocbiscuitcake Posts: 658
I would have thought more gold or bronze, rather than silver with champagne. I like the olive green suggestion, and I think a burnt orange could look beautiful too. Blue could look well too - do you have any pictures of the dress as I'm not sure what colour cobalt is? One thing to bear in mind with blue is that you will probably have to introduce another colour for your flowers - there are very few blue flowers.