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archangel Posts: 113
Hi girls, just a quick question, can u take malaria tablets while pg or is this a complete no no? Cheers.
veryhappyveryhappy Posts: 151
hiya!.. yep theres seemingly 2 types u can take but where are you going that you need to take them?? The reason i ask is i was 13 wks pg while getting married and had honeymoon booked to Carribbean after discussing taking anti-malarial tabs with dr she just advised me to change my hol completely as she said pg women are strongly advised against travelling to countries that have a risk of malaria!.... She said you'd have 2 cover up head to toe. wearing full-length trousers and tops at night and if you got 1 mosquito bite imagine how worried you'd be.... Sorry now if i put a dampner on your hol!!!
phananta Posts: 330
I know when I took Malarone for our honeymoon I was told not to get pregnant while taking them or for 3 months after. I kind of forgot about that, but luckily it was just about the 3 months after, and I googled to double check and some of the advice was 2 months, so it's OK, but no, not while pregnant. Obviously there are a few different types of malaria tablets and maybe there's one you can take, but it would depend as well on where you are going, as you need different ones for different areas. As a guess, I'd say you won't be able to take them, especially as the chemist will barely let me take anything for a sore throat, but good luck! *)
LMR Posts: 1925
It depends where you going. I live in a country where malaria in endemic and I don't take them but neither does anyone who actually lives here. If you decide to go ahead with your holiday (but not take the tabs, tbh they're not great for you when you're not pregnant) your best bet is to wear light clothes with long sleeves and legs, particularly in the evening and invest in some good repellent. If possible use a net for sleeping. Don't leave windows, doors open. Use coils etc and maybe take some plug ins with you!!
mamabelle Posts: 1101
Also be warned some of the better mosquito repellents are recommended during pregnancy.