Advice please who pays for bridal party bedrooms

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oddbrady Posts: 13
Hi this is my first post so be gentle. Can anyone tell me if it is expected for the Bride and Groom to pay for the hotel rooms for the groomsmen and bridesmaids.
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv Welcome.. No it's it not up to you to pay for the Bridal party, but it's a case if you want to or not IYKWIM.. We are only paying for our Parents room, on the night..
Betsy May Posts: 2168
Hi Oddbrady - welcome to WOL! Anais is right - you are under no obligation and it should not be expected. Some brides do pay for everyone but it's up to them and their bank balance.
oddbrady Posts: 13
Thanks guys that was very helpful
Im-Loving-it Posts: 70
No! not up to you at all! This post has been made before you should have a look at some of the replies made! some ppl are paying for it but mainly as a gift/token of thanks but it def aint expected of you and we aint doing it! Might consider paying for our parents but hav to discuss this with my H2B. We will be paying for our own wedding (ie not our parents) so i dont think this would be expected of us by either set of parents! Hi by the way welcome to WOL