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Pink Peonies Posts: 40
Hi everyone, I posted this in Old Faithful as well, but I know Off Topic is always lively, so hope you don't mind me posting here too :-8 Myself and BF are heading to San Francisco/LA/San Diego/Las Vegas on holidays soon and we were hoping to buy my engagement ring over there (to take advantage of the strong Euro!). The only thing is, I am a bit concerned re: buying a ring so far away in case there are any problems with it - can anyone recommend a good jewellers in any of these cities? Thanks a million in advance! :wv Bluerosebright
Pink Peonies Posts: 40
Anyone? :o(
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
What about Tiffany's, just one suggestion sorry cant be more help. thsi link might help
sevi Posts: 408
We actually got ours from Diamonds USA website and I love it so much. I know some people are a bit dodgy about getting a ring from a website but they were really nice to deal with - h2b picked and ordered it. We got it valued and insured here and was about three times what he paid. I know you don't get to see it in person but they are great and you can return if don't like it. PM if want ask anything