advice re limerick/kerry hospitals and gp

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flippersmrs Posts: 660
i just found out i am pregnant with no2 and my head is all over the place. so many questions and worries running around!!! :eek first of all i am not sure what to do about gp and hospital. my ds was born in limerick mat, i had a very very quick labour, didnt nearly make it to hospital because of bad advice from midwife when i rang who said stay at home its my first i couldnt be so far along already-i was getting contractions every three minutes and felt like pushing !! :eek so ds was nearly born on side of road, had to get garda escort to get us there on time,arrived at hospital pushing, ds born 20 minutes after arriving at hospital, no time for anyhting like take off clothes etc. so the midwife delivering was fab but then the after care was brutal, no beds, no help bf'ing, left home too early even though ds had jaundice and was rehospitalised a day after disharge due to dehydration and high bilirubin levels. >:o( basically hated my expreince in limerick mat. now its second time around i am considering going to tralee as i am from kerry and family live down there so they can mind ds when i go in to labour. my only concern is they wont know my history about fast labour and what would happen if i went early when at home in limerick??? has anyone any expereince of tralee -going public???? would really love to hear anyones expereinces, good or bad. then that leads me to my gp prob. my gp last pg was in kerry(my old gp) who i find fantastic, but i am not sure whether to go to a gp in limerick as i live there or stick with kerry gp??? if i go to limerick gp i will have nobody to mind ds so he will have to come with me to appts, if i go to kerry gp my mum can mind him for the time i am at appt. we go home to visit once a week anyway. any advice would be helpful girls. thanks. :thnk my head is wrecked!!! O:|
doolittle Posts: 910
Hi I went public for DS in Kery General under Dr Huges. He s lovely and so are all his team and he has the lowest section rate of the obs in the hospital. I did end with a planned section due to high blood pressure and baby being high and mobile they couldnt induce due to risk of cord prolapse. Turned out DS had cord wrapped around his nack twice so it was a blessing that they did section me. regarding GP I found Dr O Gara in Ardftert Medical centre brill..when I was pregnant and at my first' hello Doc Ive just found out Im pregnant' appointment he rand all the consultant to see who had the shortest waiting list and sloted me on it. I also wanted an early scan so he requested it on the grounds my dates were a bit hazy and there are twins in my famliy. My sis went privat in Limerick and her GP gave her the numbers and told her to contact them herself and she didnt get an early scan so I think a good GP really helps. You can request your hospital notes from ypur previous pregnancy I think! Pm me if you want any more info!