Advice re. stitches

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roxychick Posts: 1802
One major bit of advice - To reduce the stinging when peeing drink loads of water. It dilutes the acid in it. And AVOID orange juice. Learnt this the hard way. Hurt so much! Also a few shallow baths with t tree oil a day. Works wonders
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
Thank you! My friend was also advised by her midwife to keep a jug of water beside the toilet and pour while she peed to avoid stinging. She said it worked wonderfully well.
oirish Posts: 1541
Something that I found amazingly soothing was witch hazel. I bought a mini atomizer (spray bottle thing) in boots and put some into it, then sprayed some on my stitches/ and pads as long as the stitches were irritating me and it's so, so soothing also, sports bottle top - like ballygowan or someting, fill it with luke warm water and 3 drops of tea tree and pour it on yourself every time you go to the loo - really cleansing and soothing and for god sake, make sure you have LOTS of the huge, massive maternity pads going into the hospital if they are not provided. I didn't bring any thinking I would never wear them - had been given a pack, I was putting 3 in my pants - you will be so glad of the cushioning factor :D
silíní Posts: 4219
WITCH HAZEL!! Amazingly soothing on sanitary towels and mixed with water in sports bottle to spray on after peeing... Also tea tree baths....