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Hugz Posts: 410
Hi I am a full time permanent employee of a company for the past 10 years. I got a position within the company 2.5 years ago and the contract for same was for 3 years. I have a simple straight forward email to confirm appointment was for 3 years. I am due to go on maternity leave shortly and will be missing out on 6 months of this contract. Company want my maternity leave to be included as part of my maternity leave ie when I come back I will revert to old position as if I had been working. Is this right? Any advice appreciated?
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd double check with citizens advice, but I think this might be right. if you think about it, when you're on ML they have to pretend like you're working ie. you accumulate annual leave, you're entitled to any bonus' or pay increases etc. So it's swings and roundabouts, that they can also pretend as if you've done the extra 6 months of work in that position?
Hugz Posts: 410
Just in case anyone else needs this............ ... 34y1994s26 Maternity Protection Act, 1994 26 1994 34 General right to return to work on expiry of protective leave. 26.—(1) Subject to this Part, on the expiry of a period during which an employee was absent from work while on protective leave, the employee shall be entitled to return to work— ( a ) with the employer with whom she was working immediately before the start of that period or, where during the employee's absence from work there was a change of ownership of the undertaking in which she was employed immediately before her absence, with the owner (in this Act referred to as "the successor") of the undertaking at the expiry of the period of absence, ( b ) in the job which the employee held immediately before the start of that period, and ( c ) under the contract of employment under which the employee was employed immediately before the start of that period, or, where a change of ownership such as is referred to in paragraph ( a ) has occurred, under a contract of employment with the successor which is identical to the contract under which the employee was employed immediately before the start of that period, and (in either case) under terms or conditions not less favourable than those that would have been applicable to the employee if she had not been so absent from work. (2) For the purposes of subsection (1) (b), where the job held by an employee immediately before the start of the period of her absence on protective leave was not the employee's normal or usual job, the employee shall be entitled to return to work, either in her normal or usual job or in that job as soon as is practicable without contravention by the employee or the employer of any provision of a statute or instrument made under statute. (3) In this section "job", in relation to an employee, means the nature of the work which she is employed to do in accordance with her contract of employment and the capacity and place in which she is so employed.