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Carline Posts: 1
Just wondering if any one has some advice. We got our photos back from wedding and I am very upset at how I look in my dress. I really should have lost more weight before my wedding. I was size 16 on the day. It didn't help that the dress kept falling off shoulders in the photos. I have been so upset that I have put up more weight comfort eating since wedding with my husband now telling me to lose weight. I did lose stone before my wedding but looking at photos all I see is how I have let myself down
ozzybride2be Posts: 39
Hi Carline, Instead of looking at the photos and thinking "I look huge" remember how you felt on the day. You probably had a ball and married your DH. Could you be overstudying the pictures??? At the end of the day, it's in the past and you need to move forward. If you want to lose weight, do it for you. Aim for that next dress size. Then when you get there, go for the next one. I recently kicked my backside in gear and started running (normally wouldn't run unless I was being chased!!!) But I did it using the couch to 5 k app. Initially I'd to repeat the first few weeks as I was so unfit but I finished it! Take small steps, jog to the next lampost, walk the next two. Jog....... You could always aim to do a couples photoshoot on your first anniversary - it would give you a goal to have in mind!
Aluap42 Posts: 19
Sounds like fairly sound advice from Ozzybride! Do try and remember how you felt and how happy you were on the day! It really is the most important thing. I think after the highs of the planning, build up and the big day wears off we all feel a bit rubbish and analysing hundreds of photos of ourselves doesn't help. Our photographer took loads of candid shots I hated at first. Months later, I can look at them and I actually really like them. I just see me as a really happy bride and not the unflattering mess I thought I looked in them. Put the photos away for now and look at them again in a few weeks or months!