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missc Posts: 875
hi girls, I have finally narrowed the search down to 2 dresses. i really like both of them but one slightly more than the other, only problem is the one i like most is €2250 :eek which is WAY too much for me!!! I have seen it on for less than €1000 and have read the other treads about this site and the feedback seems to be pretty good but im still scared. Will the dress turn up in time? Will it turn up at all? Will it be the same as the picture? How do u know the lenght will fit? Cos the lace at the end looks like it cant be taken up? i dont no wat to do now, Any advice?
la esposa Posts: 1191
There has been threads on them before.Probably in Feedback.Did you do a search on it in the blue bar above?
clareo Posts: 36
Yikes! Its a tough one. I'm doing the same - going to what dress is it? would you consider doing an add to see if anyone had it that you could buy it second hand. At least you could go to their house and try it on..
birthdaybride Posts: 276
Miss C I ordered my dress from about two weeks ago - i only paid for half of the cost about €320 as a deposit and will pay the other half once the dress has arrived in the shop in New York prior to being shipped over here to me. I received a reference number which i can use at any stage to find out where the order is at - you just ring the shop and speak to Pyr. About a week after the order - (which I placed online - however you can also order over the phone with them) i received an email telling me that my order would be shipped the week commencing 12th March or as ready. So i ma not waiting around in teh meantime wondering 'will it come this [email protected] I am going to save about €900 on the cost of the dress and although i am still waiting to see if the gamble has paid off and if i receive my dress intact and as ordered - I am pretty confident that there shouldnt be a problem - i will keep you informed !! BB
bride2007 Posts: 76
Ditto with BirthdayBride....I'm pretty confident with the BridalShop. I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago, paid half as a deposit, the dress arrives into the shop at the end of Feb. I recokon everything will go ok as I went for an Essense of Australia dress and the BridalShop are mentioned as a valid stockist on the Essense website.
missc Posts: 875
Thanks girls, i have had everyones head wrecked in work all day asking for their advice. Seems most people say to just go for it and that there is very little risk involved in buying on the internet nowadays. But now i've seen on another tread that u cant buy Maggie Sottero dresses unless u pay with an American credit card??? i have emailed to ask but there is a 4-5 day wait for email!?!?! Has anyone bought a Maggie dress with an irish credit card? Maybe its just not meant to be. Maybe i should just settle for the 2nd one i like in Baldoyle O:|
birthdaybride Posts: 276
Miss C On certain websites ie there is a situation where the order has to originate within the states specifically for maggie dresses = the dress i ordered from is a maggie dress and they have no problem with ordering these for you and shipping them here - the easiest thing to do is pick up the phone to and speak to them about your fears - thats what i did and it was really reassurring to know there was someone behind the website if you know what i mean. I ordered with an irish credit card online ! bb
missc Posts: 875
Thanks Birthdaybride. A girl emailed me back this morning to say that there would be no problem using and irish credit card. I am heading back down to Alexanders to try on the dress again with a friend who's a dress maker. So if she thinks she can alter it for me then i am ordering it on Sat, oooh i cant wait to be able to relax and tick that off the list. :o)ll Its so frustrating, i have 2 friends getting married also and they both found their dresses on their first visit!!!! :eek What maggie dress are you getting? Mine is (hopefully) the Suzanne Vidal. Havent a clue how to put pics on here!!
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
Here you go MissC: [img:b5iit232][/img:b5iit232] [img:b5iit232][/img:b5iit232] Its gorgeous...what colour are you going for?
missc Posts: 875
Oh thanks very much Rachel, im going for either all white or white and silver. cant wait to actually have it ordered, i will be sssooo happy. Thanks again for the pic. :thnk