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Snuddlums Posts: 1644
Hi all Im getting married sat of the aug bank.My dad 12th anniversary is the tuesday after wedding.What could i do to remember him over the weekend.We are doing a candle in the church with all the families surnames as both sets of grandparents are deceased.I just feel like i want to do something else.We were thinking of having meath flag flying at hotel as my dad was a massive meath fan.Do you think thats enough?
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
You could have a prayer / poem for him in your Mass Booklet. OH's mum passed away a few years ago, and we are planning something like that. We won't have the prayer read out, as I think it will upset OH, but it will be there for people to read and remember. I got this of WOL before, can't remember who posted it Dear Lord please clear a spot for him: he should have the perfect view. His little girl's a Bride today, and I am counting on you. Let me feel his presence; as I journey down the isle. But let me notice his abscence; if only for a while. Let me stop to think of him; As I am given away. And know that if he could; he would be here with me today. Dear Lord please clear a spot for him; he should have the perfect view. And if he should get sad today; Dear Lord I count on you.
hils138 Posts: 680
Hi Snuddlums, Firstly your dad will be in your heart and minds that day so he won't be forgot. All your ideas were lovely to remember him. At our wedding, we had a list of deceased family at the front of our booklet and when we were doing our prayers of the faithful, the priest drew people's attention to it. Also at my cousin's wedding a few years ago, they light a candle on the altar fot her father who had passed away and thn they brought it to the reception and had it light on the top table. Nice gesture I think.
moobertson Posts: 470
I was thinking of lighting sky lanterns and letting them off in the sky in memory of the people that could not be at our wedding, grandparents, friends etc We cannot do that at our wedding due to lack of space but I still think it is a nice idea.
Wilma Flintstone Posts: 1262
Thats lovely - it made me cry! My mum died when I was a baby and I wanted to have something to remember her without it being said out loud and upsetting people, think I'll change it to her and daughter (instead of little girl) and have it on the last page of mass booklet. Thanks
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
Ah Rocksie that made me cry.I get real emotional thinking that it wont be him walking mw down the aisle.I also cry everytime i see denny add.I think i will use it at the back of booklet cause it has such meaning.I like having names of grandparents and my dad as a prayer.I always liked idea of skylaterns and this be great way to remember him.thanks a mill girls
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
[quote:1inaf3sw]Ah Rocksie that made me cry[/quote:1inaf3sw] +1 My dad is also passed.. Will deffo hold onto this poem to use xx
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Gosh, I am sorry!! Didn't mean to upset anyone :-8 ...Saying that, I can't read it without crying either, and I'm very lucky to still have my dad with us. If anyone sees an equivalent poem about the groom, will they post it for me? I'd like something for OH and his mum.
perfection Posts: 837
rocksie...that is the nicest poem i have ever heard....
SenoritaH Posts: 167
Heya Girls I would love to do the same. My Mum passed away too and would love to have her remembered on the day. She will be sadly missed xxx If anyone comes across one will ye PM me or post it Thanks a mill :thnk